Shaun Whynacht
Head Marketing Strategist

Shaun Whynacht

For Shaun Whynacht, small business is a way of life. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit is practically woven into his DNA.  As a small boy, he tagged along with his grandfather as he maintained a successful TV repair business. Later he helped renovate the kitchen for his grandmother’s cake shop, and all the while, his mother ran a craft business in his childhood home. Unsurprisingly, by the time he was in high school Shaun went into business for himself.

Upon completion of his college studies in television production, he spent more than a decade exploring every corner of Canada and learning about the business world as an employee. From non-profits to corporations and revenue development to web design, Shaun has seen it all.

Like many small business owners, Shaun wanted the flexibility to take his son to school and spend time with his family at home. Experience had shown him that small business could meet his personal and professional needs, and the research was clear – small business is the wave of the future. Eventually, he knew it was time to set out on his own…for good.

Inspired by his family legacy of business ownership and armed with the desire for fulfilling work and time with his family, Shaun ditched the suit and tie and founded Blue Cow.

And he’s been leading the charge ever since.

Though he’s an expert in a variety of areas, you won’t see certificates, diplomas or an alphabet of letters behind Shaun’s name. He has honed his skills with boots on the ground and both eyes focused on the future. A self-professed learning addict, Shaun spends his “downtime” keeping up with the latest trends in technology, marketing and design so that he can put them to work for you. The results are just like you imagine a blue cow might be – stunning and unique.

Not a fan of pushy sales or get rich quick schemes, he will help you stay focused on the long game with brilliant marketing tools, insightful strategy and time-saving automation. No stuffed shirt here! His shorts and collared shirt suit him just fine, thank you. Plus, comfort and stretch is essential for showcasing his ninja moves and flexing his marketing muscle.
Want to know more about how Shaun can make your business work for you? Contact Blue Cow Marketing, Inc. today.

Nikki Schaubel
Customer Acceleration Coach

Nikki Schaubel

Nikki is a trainer, speaker and personal coach based in Montana who loves to laugh, travel and dream up new ideas. She has spent the last 20 years in a variety of roles including: dance teacher, court administrator, non-profit marketer, photographer, small business owner and mom. She comes equipped with a background in Communication and Public Relations which means you can expect her to ask questions that will make you dig deep. Her passion is human connection and her goal is to inspire you to discover your purpose in both life and work. Part storyteller, part cheerleader, it’s her life’s work to help others succeed.

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