go-cm-graphicGet organized and grow your business

Collect data about your leads and organize your contacts to make your sales and marketing more efficient. Create, store, and manage detailed individual contact records that include:

  • Contact information
  • Marketing and sales
  • Orders and account balance
  • Lead source and lead score
  • Task and appointment history
  • Website activity history

Data management comes standard

Drowning in a sea of contacts? We’ll help you import your data into Infusionsoft, clean up your list and eliminate duplicates. Data management might be boring, but it shouldn’t be complicated—let us help you organize it so you can get to value faster.

List management and segmentation helps you send the right message, to the right audience, every time

With custom segmentation, you’ll be able to connect with your contacts when they are ready to act. Create lists based on demographics, lead score, and behaviors like email clicks, purchases, and payment history.

Remember key details about every customer, right down to their last purchase or conversation with you, and impress them with incredible customer service and personalized messages. It’s the professionalism and polish of a company with an entire marketing department, with the personal touch of your small business. That’s the power of CRM for small business.

Take your business wherever life needs you with Infusionsoft Mobile

Manage contacts and automate marketing from anywhere. Access and edit contact information, add tags to trigger automated follow-up and campaigns, and communicate with customers, all while you’re on the go.

MyDayCalendar and task management tools that prioritize for you

Organize, prioritize, and work through your sales activities—in the same place. You can manage your appointments, create to-do lists, set reminders for tasks and streamline your workday.

Use lead scoring to maximize your time

Use Infusionsoft to score leads based on behaviors, demographics and interactions, so you spend more time following up with hot leads that are ready to become customers (and less time following up with people who will never buy).

Get more work done without leaving your email

The Infusionsoft sidebar for Gmail and Outlook gives you immediate access to contact information, tags and appointment history, and even lets you add notes and trigger follow-up activity.

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