Do you know how to reach your customers effectively?

When trying to communicate to your unique potential to your customers it doesn't come down trying to sell yourself to them.  It's all about building a relationship through content and trust.

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Shaun Whynacht

If you're confused about how to market your business, then we need to talk.

Here's how we help

Video Production

We make you and your business look it's very best through the creative lens of effective video content.

Your Podcast

Podcasts are a very popular way to reach your ideal clients and position you as an expert.

The Right Tools

There are thousands of tools out there in the marketing space.  We make sure you use the ones that are right for you, and then we make sure you know how to use them.

Reaching New Heights

Through the use of paid advertising, we will help you acquire, retarget and retain clients in a way that is scaleable and repeatable.


Today’s buyer holds incredible power. They can instantly learn about solutions to their pain points and find businesses that meet their needs through online content. With an excellent inbound strategy, your ideal buyers will find you when they’re searching and begin developing a relationship with your company before ever talking with anyone.


Inbound Marketing is about enhancing what is working well in your business and eliminating the things that aren't.  It's a highly customized process we take you through using our proven inbound marketing framework.


Our Inbound Strategy begins with our client kick off call.  This is where we get to identify your priorities and begin to chart the course for a strong working relationship.


We need to become in tune with your brand, your voice & tone.  This is were we develop your ideal buyer profiles, buyer personas and customer journey.


Marketing & Sales need to become one well oiled machine in order to yield the best results.  During this phase we look at what matters from information collection, deal stages, lead scoring, sales channels and reporting.


This is the part where we being to develop your marketing campaigns to drive qualified leads to your landing pages, website and social channels with a strategic approach for converting from a prospect to a customer.




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We can't get your results until we know what you're trying to achieve, what you've tried, what has worked and what hasn't.

We will uncover the obstacles you're facing and plot a course of action to overcome them.

About Me.

I've been working with small business owners to develop their content since 1999.  Over those years a lot has changed, heck I've changed as well.  It's that evolution that has allowed me to stay relevant in the marketing world for my clients.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business.

They Say

Eleanor Beaton


"We hired Shaun to help us implement some marketing and we are very impressed with the way he combines technical know-how and big picture marketing. "

Derrick McEachern

Five Star Wellbeing

"Shaun has been instrumental in supporting my business: website, crm, email marketing, audio and video! I highly recommend working with him!"

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