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Do you feel confused about how marketing works?

You’re not alone…in fact, we all do. It’s because you’re trying to sell to humans…and humans are unpredictable and ever-changing.

You need a repeatable system that will allow you to communicate to the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

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7 Key Ways To Build Trust & Brand Loyalty Through Marketing
Hosted by  Shaun Whynacht
About this webinar The world is a messed up place currently when it comes to marketing your business. People are losing their attention spans, advertising is becoming more and more expensive, and you just don't have the oomph to do it full time. So that is why we put this webinar together. What you'll learn In just 25 minutes we will dive into 7 key areas of your marketing you should focus on to build more trust and loyalty with your brand and customers. * Consistency * Personalization * Transparency * Social Proof * Authenticity * Proximity * Appreciation Don't miss this nugget-rich session. Register right now!

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SEO is dead….

SEO is dead….

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Brand+ Marketing Program

During this one-on-one program, you will work with our team to develop a foundation for your business marketing and systems; preparing you for scaling your growth.



This is where we build a strong foundation for your business that will carry through all promotional and systematic processes.



Next, we focus on what you sell and how it’s sold. This will be key to strengthening the connection between your target audience and all of their potential purchases with you.



In this phase, you will start to see the fruits of your labor as we strengthen and develop key systems for implementing growth in business.



We are here to give you what your business needs. We give you the skills they need in order create an efficient marketing strategy that will grow their businesses and get them results!

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We can’t get your results until we know what you’re trying to achieve, what you’ve tried, what has worked and what hasn’t.

We will uncover the obstacles you’re facing and plot a course of action to overcome them.

About us

So who are we?

We are a small company with a big heart. While we are classified as a marketing agency, we think about ourselves as a business agency. Our superpower is our ability to listen to the pains and struggles a business owner is having, cross reference it with their goals and bring together systems and processes to eliminate those pain points and achieve those goals.

Business is much like running a marathon. You need to pace yourself and make sure you have planned for all that is coming your way. We consider ourselves your marathon coach.

We do the grunt work of keeping up to date on what is current, what you need to focus on and what’s the best way to market your business, all while you focus on running our business.

Enjoy a personalized and simple approach

One of the most common compliments we hear from our clients is how we work so close and personal with them.

Step 1

We start by having a conversation with you to identify your marketing goals.

Step 2

We develop a detailed outline of how we can achieve those goals for you.

Step 3

If you choose to work with us, schedule a detailed onboarding call with you.

Step 4

We create amazing things together for your business that will help you grow! 

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Shaun Whynacht


Shaun, our Founder and CEO was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age and he knows firsthand how much love and determination gets poured into running a business. After spending more than a decade touring all over Canada and learning business tactics from a wide variety of industries, Shaun not only developed a passion for marketing, he’s also honed some very unique abilities to stay current and adopt new skills and technologies in this ever progressive world.

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Automation is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s not something you should get around to eventually. Automation is something you should implement immediately. 

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