12 Hidden Secrets To Create Killer TikTok Video Ads

April 12, 2021  

There are two categories of people for TikTok, one is ignoring it, and the other one is using it effectively to develop their business or brand. There are over 800 million users on TikTok worldwide, and also a TikTok user spends an average of 53 minutes a day surfing the video contents. So, it’s a perfect opportunity for your business or brand to meet potential clients. Here are the quick ideas on creating the TikTok brand strategy and bringing video content with a million views for your brand. 

Grab Audience Emotional About Your Products

There is nothing wrong with your type of business; whether it is an app, service, or product-based, there are perfect ways to get your audience on TikTok. You want to make short and catchy videos to bring people closer to your service or product. Convey real-life situations and tell interesting stories to make people interested in your products.

Provide Value

Educational videos, life hacks, tutorials, and “how-to” videos are the trending video types on the platform, and the TikTok users prefer to see these video contents entirely. Informational video contents have enormous demands on TikTok because of its catchy and shortness. 

Push The Audience To Watch Your Video Entirely

The TikTok algorithm plays here that your content delivers to more people if the first set audience views your video entirely. And also, if your engagement rate is not reasonable from this first set audience, then your video won’t reach many people on TikTok.

Grab the user’s attention in the first few seconds of the video by asking questions or overlay info captions, “watch till the end to grasp the trick,” etc. Increase your audience’s suspense, curiosity, and confusion.

Make Different TikTok Contents For Higher Engagement

Some videos are commonly used video contents on TikTok as there are no restrictions for video content.

     TikTok Trends

These are the video contents created about trending news, popular song, or typical dance steps. You can join the challenges by selecting trending hashtags from “Discover Page.” It helps you to acquire lots of impressions from your videos.

     Duet Videos

It is one of the prominent features on TikTok that allows the user to answer someone’s video content. It could be remixes or collaboration - whatever suits your profile.

Make Content Series

It’s a type of content that makes your audience stay calm to continue other content parts. In simple words, if you have an animation studio and created an animation series. Upload it one by one with a time gap to make your audience live to your account to get other parts of your animation series.

Utilize General Hashtags That Brings Your Target People

Hashtags are a vital part of TikTok’s algorithm. When you upload a video with hashtags, TikTok shows your video content in the “FYP”(For You Page) to audiences who have liked, commented or shared the other video contents which also have the same hashtag.

Create Hashtags And Begin Challenges

You need to create your hashtag and encourage the audience to use it. It helps in taking you to the trending part and makes your profile build. A Challenge campaign is a perfect way to engage people. The trending challenges boost people to create video content around a hashtag using music or dance moves. Nearly 18% of the videos on TikTok are fixed to hashtag challenges.

Make Use Of Influencers

You can attract more audience to your profile if you collaborate with the right influencers. The great way to grow your business on the platform is to upload content frequently and collaborate with influencers to bring a vast audience.

Upload Every Day To Engage Your Viewers

There is a high chance of going viral if you post content regularly. TikTok cherishes work more than any other social networks. If you upload at least one content a day, it leads to a higher engagement rate. In simple words, the more you upload, the more real quality TikTok fans identify your TikTok profile and engage with your content. It makes your video content spread wide and adds more engagement rates.

Have a Perfect Bio And a Display Picture

Don’t forget all these tips briefed above works for your business or brand alone if your brand is recognizable. Always remember your profile description more. Many brands use TikTok to become famous nowadays because of their fans and viewers directly to their networks such as Instagram and YouTube. So, it is vital to add links to your other social media channels.

Share BTS(Behind-The-Scenes)

Sharing BTS content is a powerful way to develop relationships with your viewers. It helps more in growing your business or brand.

Impressive Stats Of TikTok

In some facts, you can think TikTok is not the correct network to promote your business. Let us show you some statistics of engagement:

  • People installed TikTok 114 million times in Feb 2020(that too in 29 days). It makes the most installed non-gaming application that month.
  • TikTok acquires the highest follower engagement levels.
  • The most liked content on TikTok is a video content screen of a dancer stepping with a star on TikTok on the escalator, which brings an impressive 25.5 million likes.
  • The application has been installed above two billion times in AppStore and PlayMarket.
  • Becoming famous and a celebrity is an easier thing than any other network. For example, in the top 10 TikTok people worldwide, there is only one celebrity: Will Smith.

Wrapping Up

If your target audience is millennials or Z generation, TikTok could be the perfect spot for your business glow using just your knowledge and creativity. 

Author Bio

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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