20 Essential Ways To Step-Up Your Instagram Engagement

by Guest Blog  - April 8, 2021

With over a billion users every month, Instagram is a serious platform with potential ROI(Revenue On Investment).

You want more engagements to your posts than audience count to reap the awards. You want more shares, likes, comments to show your content resonates with the audience who watch it. 

Engagement is the real value coming from the actual audience.

Instagram Engagement

Engagement is higher than totaling your followers or views. It is about calculating interactions with your content that your audience makes. 

Various metrics calculate engagement on Instagram, such as:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Followers
  • Mentions
  • Saves
  • DMs
  • Hashtags

Valuable engagement is a significant factor in the algorithm On Instagram. The more the engagement is, your content attains more reach. 

20 Superb Tips To Boost Engagement On Instagram Know Your Audience

It's crucial to create compelling content if you don't know who you are creating content for.

Your target audience demographics help you conclude the content type you upload and even what times and days to upload. 

Be Authentic

It's great to be relatable and honest than polished on social media.

Share BTS(Behind The Scenes) clips in your Instagram story, and write captions that open up a sense of humor or accept the control of any mistakes.

Audiences appreciate honesty over perfection. 

Share Superb Images

Instagram is a visual medium platform. Creating stunning images that stand out from the feed is more important. 

Don't worry that you are not a graphic designer or great photographer; there are various tools to help you bring your image more perfect. 

Upload Carousels

If you clicked more stunning pictures, post them through the carousel feature on Instagram. It is also known as posts on Instagram with multiple pictures is a perfect way to develop engagement. 

According to a study, carousel posts acquire 3.2X higher engagements than regular posts.

Upload Videos

The video is engaging and eye-catching. A post with video content gets about 40% higher engagement than images.

Don't be perfectly polished. Film now, make an edit and upload it to explore.

Write Robust Captions

Captions on Instagram can be 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags. Great captions showcase the personality of your brand. 

Make Saveable Content

Making content more attractive leads your audience to save your post for re-visit. Also, it increases the engagement part.

Carousel contents about series or any effective product are great for collection saving or story highlighting.

Go Live

Streaming live video using Instagram live is a perfect way to share news, grow engagements, and connect to users directly.

75% of the audience watches live streams rather than reading blogs or content. Using live video features on Instagram, you can directly answer your audience and invite them with their names. It develops your brand or business trustability. 

Write Attractive Content

Uploading product images every day makes boredom to your audience, bringing them with some engaging content. Quizzes, questions, contests, and polls break the daily routine and encourage your fans to get active and involved.

Share People Content

Make sure that you are engaging and listening with followers when they get out. One of the perfect ways to do that is to share or repost your audience's content. 

If anyone tags your brand in their post, then mark it in your story to build brand trustability and recognition.

Grasp Reels On Instagram

Instagram reels merged the Insta family in the summer of 2020, similar to the TikTok contents. With Instagram reels, users can develop and edit short video content with effects and audios. 

For instance, Eureka O'Hara used Instagram reels to advertise the "We're Here" show. Thousands of people viewed the reel that he posted rather than a regular video post. It's a perfect example that indicates how to get to the explore page with Instagram reels likes in a short time. Thus, reels are an efficient way to increase Instagram engagement, especially for budding artists and creators.

Make Custom Filters And Stickers

Spark your brand into the other audience posts by creating custom filters and stickers available in Instagram stories. 

Reply To Comments And Questions

Response to all the comments that your video content and new photo receive. Starting conversation with the followers builds the engagement level, and they are also delighted to reply in the future.

Go Experimental

You want to measure, test, and tweak; otherwise, you cannot get what works best for your business or brand. 

Always be creative; focus on analytics to fix your ideas.

Upload Consistently

Post regularly to bring your feed fresh and your followers absorbed. Also, schedule the right time, posting content while your followers are asleep, then you will struggle.

Get traffic Externally

Spread your Instagram presence wherever you can:

  • Mention it in the email signature.
  • Share it on your other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Include it in your company's newsletter.

Be Active On Stories

Stories on Instagram have a massive reach. Over a half billion people use Instagram stories each day, and 65% of users say openly that they have got interested in the product or brand through Instagram stories.

Attach Strong CTA(Call To Action)

An attractive CTA brings more clicks to your targeted page effectively. 


Hashtags on Instagram are a sharp sword. If you use it ideally, you could drive massive traffic. Don't use the generic hashtags; mix up the trending hashtags with your post or brand content. 

Upgrade Your Post

Bringing your post in front of many people is the perfect way to gain more engagement and increase your fan's count.

Using the boosted posts or Instagram ads, you can get your name to the targeted people.  


The strong engagements happen in private sometimes. Story interactions and direct messages are perfect examples for engaging the audience. Respond to your DM and treat them right.


Whew! Now you know every step to boost your Instagram engagement. Simply learning doesn't make your post bring more attention. Come out and try. Try these various steps to get your posts on Instagram more visible.

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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