3 Tactics To Help Boost Your Company’s Online Presence

by Shaun Whynacht  - March 29, 2019

3 Tactics To Help Boost Your Company's Online Presence

Having a meaningful online presence shows that you care about the online community. But the greatest benefit of having an online presence is that you can use it to attract new customers and strengthen relationships with your existing ones. From posting regular content to optimizing your website, these three tactics will boost your company’s online presence in the right way.

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Publish regular blog content to get your company noticed 

Publishing regular blog content is an opportunity to become an authority on the subjects which are most important to your company and your customers.

By answering your customers’ pain points you can develop relationships with them and establish your company as a thought leader. This creates opportunities for shareable content and increases the chances of driving traffic to your website and business.  

3 Tactics To Help Boost Your Company's Online Presence

Publishing blog posts on your website

Some of the highest value content addresses customer questions and this is exactly the sort of blog content you should write to boost your online presence. Some of the blog title formats you can use to answer questions posed by your customers include:

  • How to...
  • Explainers...
  • Beginner's guides…
  • Best of…

Guest blog on good external sites

You should also aim to get guest posts published on good external sites. Why? Because it can expand your personal network, help grow your social following, channel additional traffic to your site, and even generate leads.

To successfully guest blog, you will need to build relationships with publishers in your niche that accept contributing authors. Before you make contact, take a moment to review the site’s submission guidelines, preferred formats, and other criteria. Then, draft an email with your ideas, a link back to your blog, and maybe even the offer of a content exchange (where you allow them to publish their own blogs on your site in return for them doing the same).

Engage with your customers to get more reviews from them 

Whatever your business message, your customers value the views of their fellow shoppers much more than yours – so much so that 73% of people won’t purchase a good or service before they’ve read a review.

Given how valuable reviews are to the people your company values the most, would it be fair to say that getting more of them will help to boost your online presence? Absolutely, and there are a few ways that you can do it:

  • Ask your customers: Many people will leave a review if you ask them to
  • Give people an incentive: Offer a discount, voucher, or free gift
  • Share your existing reviews: By sharing reviews you give special attention to the reviewers

You may come up with your own creative ways of getting more reviews but when doing so, you have to bear in mind that some reviews can carry more weight than others. Trustpilot is the gold-standard because it’s impartial, which means integrating the review platform can help validate the quality of your business. Google reviews also make a real difference, and are thought to be a key ranking factor used by the search giant.

Here is a great article about How To Get Great Customer Reviews (courtesy of replyco.com)

Optimize your site for SEO to boost its ranking in search results 

No discussion about online presence would be complete without talking more in-depth about SEO. Your page titles, images, content, HTMLs, plus a host of other features, can all be optimized to boost your company’s online presence in SERPs (search engine results pages).

First and foremost, you must make sure your page titles are optimized. Page titles are the single most important part of on-page SEO (SEO on your website). This is because titles are the primary feature used by search engines to establish if a page is relevant to the search made by a user,

You should optimize your page titles to include the relevant primary and secondary keywords for your business. After optimizing your page titles to feature your keywords, you need to take the same approach with your image alt-text, HTMLs, meta tags, and content (including the subheadings you use).

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If your site is built on WordPress my recommendation is that you download Yoast. This plugin comes with an array of free features as well as a premium package that will help you with the more technical aspects of SEO, including internal linking and advanced keyword optimization. If you’re using something like Shopify, you’ll have features that will allow you to edit page titles and meta descriptions, optimize your images, and customize your URLs out of the box.

Whichever route you take, there will be a lot to optimize. But remember this — organic search is the biggest source of traffic to your website, ergo, it is the online presence boosting tactic that will have the greatest effect on your company’s revenue stream.

There’s so much you can do to increase your company’s online presence and some of the other tactics you can employ include PPC, influencer marketing, and contributing to community content forums. The bottom line, though, is that there needs to be a profitable result to the boost in your online presence, and that’s why regular content, customer reviews, and site optimization are the three you must begin with.

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