3 Tips for a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels

by Shaun Whynacht  - June 17, 2019

3 Tips for a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels

Customers will always seek a higher standard of service from businesses they transact with, especially when the brand has a good reputation in the market. This puts pressure on businesses to always improve and be ahead of their competition when it comes to meeting customer demands. However, technology has changed how interactions with customers happen. Customer experience is no longer a one-dimension process due to the rise of cross channel marketing.

Online marketing and communication has now greatly diversified compared to how it was years ago. Marketers nowadays have to struggle with handling several channels all at once just to reach out to their market. Isn’t there an easier way so that multitasking becomes less time consuming? These three tips will give you an overview of how to make multitasking across channels easier while also being able to provide the best customer experience to facilitate a better reputation.

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1.     Plan the whole customer experience across channels.

A seamless customer experience starts with a complete plan on how the journey of each customer will feel. Make sure to plan how you will use cross channel or omnichannel marketing to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience. A lot of issues happen when there isn’t an overall plan that creates the start and end of the journey. When these aren’t planned, the journey gets messy.

So what should be planned for? A seamless experience starts by building a cohesive customer journey. Here are some of the parts of the customer experience that you’ll need to consider before executing your overall strategy.

·         Main focus of your whole customer experience (i.e. same functionality across devices)

·         Feedback methods to understand the demands of customers

·         Critical points where issues may happen for omnichannel experience

·         Immediate solutions to possible issues

·         Features and processes that provide better convenience to customers

Planning these different parts allows for customer experience to be objectively viewed and monitored. You get an overview of what needs to happen and how you’re going to respond to ensure that customers will always get quality experience every time.

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2.     Create a consistent experience for every channel.

Omnichannel marketing requires managing multiple channels equally. You can’t just leave out one channel in favor of another when you find it bothersome. Instead, you’ll have to manage every channel being used by your customers and convey experiences consistently for each one. There shouldn’t be any difference when customers use desktops over laptops or tablets.

A consistent experience requires conscious effort in translating every experience to work for every possible channel used. The seamless experience happens when you’re able to ensure that certain conditions are achieved.

·         Make customers feel that customer experience is the same for every device

·         Allow the same features to be accessible for every channel

·         Convey the same message to customers on all channels used

When these conditions have been met, customers will rarely notice the difference between the different channels they use to access your services. This is the goal of omnichannel marketing, and it takes time to master how to create such seamless experience. The trick is to always improve how you manage your channels to improve the customer experience across different channels.

3.     Continuously integrate new data to improve the experience.

Last but not the least, you must continue to adapt to your customers’ demand and improve the experience. Achieving the goals of omnichannel marketing isn’t the end; rather, it is only the beginning of how can create a better customer experience.

Customers are expected to demand new features to improve their experience, and it is your responsibility to try and meet these demands. It is indeed more challenging to integrate changes to several channels, but there are automation tools that help make it easier to perform. The most important part of integrating new features is to keep in mind how customers can have the best experience they deserve.

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Cross channel marketing and omnichannel marketing have been buzzwords that refer to using multiple channels to engage customers. As a result, seamless customer experience has grown in demand for these types of strategies. Planning how the journey of customers within your multiple channels is one of the biggest steps that you shouldn’t skip. Without a plan, these marketing strategies will never become successful.

There’s no doubt that meeting the demand of a seamless experience is a challenging task. As we’ve discussed, there are several factors you need to look out for in order to create the best experience. There are also many tasks needed to be performed to maintain the quality of customer experience. Nevertheless, these are all necessary to maintain a constant and quality experience for all of your customers.

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