5 Reasons You Can’t Go Another Day Without Loom

by Shaun Whynacht  - June 14, 2022

5 Reasons You Need Loom In Your Business

When I look at the technologies that have stuck with me for the long haul since learning about them, the list is usually pretty small.

You see, it takes a lot for me as a technology systems strategist to really fall in love with something and keep it around.

It has to be something that I use every single day, has never let me down, and saves me time and energy.

Loom is one of those technologies that checks all those boxes.

So much so that I’m taking time today to write this post to tell you why I feel it’s a MUST-HAVE for any and all business owners.

Before I tell you the reasons I think you can’t go without it, I should explain what it is if you don’t know.  It’s a screen recording/sharing tool that is cloud-based and works with your browsers through an extension. (plus they have a mobile app).

In addition to the mentioned ways above, you can also download a desktop version of Loom.

#1: Easy Of Use

Since Loom taps into your browsers (both Firefox and Chrome), you can simply click one button on the top of your browser and launch the recording interface.  This gives you the option of recording

  • Just your screen
  • Just your camera (great for quick marketing videos)
  • Both screen and camera

Within a few seconds, you are ready to record and share your video with anyone and everyone.

Using Loom

#2: Easy To Share

There is nothing worse than recording a video on a tool than having to download it and email or re-upload that video to another service just to be able to share it with your team, clients or prospects.  Who has time for that?

Because Loom is cloud-based, the ease of sharing your recordings is as easy as a click or two. In fact, one of the best features that I think are small but mighty is the fact that when you stop recording, the shared URL is automatically copied to your clipboard.

So it’s as easy as clicking stop and then pasting the URL anywhere you want.

When people watch the video you can see a notification (browser or in your account) of who watched it.

The ability to share paired with the ability to embed directly on any site you own is a feature that you can use in any situation.  You will see down below I did a video about the pricing of Loom and it’s a Loom video embedded directly in this blog.

What to password protect your video (maybe it’s a special training or a product release that you don’t want to be shown outside of those who have the password, you can add that option to your videos.

#3 Downloadable Video:

I’m big on creating training videos for my clients and for my Youtube account. In fact, the video in this post was recorded with Loom, downloaded, and then put on my Youtube account.

While you can embed the videos direct from Loom, if you’re building out a fanbase on other accounts, the ability to download the videos you create is a great asset to have.

Using Loom

#4 Team Collaboration

In a world where remote work and team collaboration has become mainstream, Loom offers you the ability to invite others to your workspace.  You can create shared videos in the account that your team members would have access to.

#5 Wide Use Cases

This one is my absolute favorite because of the uses that Loom offers you.  Here are a few of the ways I’ve used Loom and my clients have used it.

Training Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth many more (not a real quote, but you get the point I’m trying to make).  There are many times that I’ve needed to teach a client something or a team member and it’s been much easier to open up Loom, record my screen, and start talking,  

I’ve even used it to record full-screen video training as well and then download the video to use in my LMS for an online course.

Think about the workflow when you have a client send you a message or email asking you how to do something or how to use your tool?  You simply click the loom icon, hit record, and start showing and telling on your computer.  When you’re done, you hit stop and then paste the already copied URL back into the email.  BAM!!! You’re done and you gave the client an amazing resource.

Prospecting Videos

When I’m coaching my clients on their ideal customer experience, it all begins before the client becomes a client. It comes in how you treat them from the moment they first collide with you.

If you’re cold prospecting then you could bring up the prospects’ website or LinkedIn profile and record a Loom talking to them.  The fact you have their own specific site or profile in the video proves to them that you made the video-specific for them.  This usually yields a greater response rate.

Followups.  Maybe you already had a consult with them and now you are needing to follow up.  Don’t just send them a canned email, include a video reply.  You don’t even need to have a screen share, you can go full-screen video and just include the link.  People love that personal touch.

Technical Support

If you’ve ever had to hop on a support chat about the software you are using and try to explain what is happening over the written word, then you know the pain and agony that goes along with that.

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve been in this situation and was able to just hit the loom button, record what’s happening or what I’m seeing, then past the loom URL in the chat.  It has cut out so much frustration and time wasted by having this loom at my side

[This is an example of the embed option direct from Loom]

Pricing Is A No Brainer

When you look at the fact that the business account (one step up from free) is only $8/USD/Month, it’s a no-brainer for buying yourself an account.

If you haven’t watched the video above this text where I talk about the pricing and the features, you should.

Other Mentionable Features

While I’ve covered many of the key features already in this blog above, I did want to give some notable mentions to a few of the other ones.

Search Engine Indexing – Simpler to Youtube, you can make your videos public and allow the search engines to index your videos for search results.

Social Sharing – You can share directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Share in Gmail all within the Loom website.

Timecode Sharing – This is probably not the name for it, but you’re able to get a share link that will start someone at a certain point in a video.  Let’s say you do a 30 minutes training and then you need to share that with someone who needs help with something at the 11:34 mark, you can put that in and send them the link so they start at 11:34.  Pretty cool eh!

Case Study

This is the point where I bring it all around full circle for you and show you a real-life example of how I’ve used it.

You see I’m in the marketing space and with that, I build out websites for clients, and I help get them set up on CRMs and other online tools.  During those times there are two uses for Loom

The hand-off training: This is when I deliver the live product to the client and need to train them on how to use it for their business.  While I use to spend lots of time doing live training before (sometimes in person), what I found was that most people didn’t retain what I was showing them for one reason or another.

So I switched to giving them a training video (or series of videos) delivered as a loom.

The second is ongoing training.  We know that things will come up, situations will change or tools will change and I’ll need to do an update or answer a question.  I always do this via Loom

What I’ve come to hear back from my clients is that they love that first it’s in video format and 2 it’s there as a resource to look back on.  Some clients have had others come into the role and they used the video I made to train and onboard them into their company systems.


To summarize, I feel that if you do not currently have a business account with Loom you are to click the link right here Loom and go and buy it.  You will be thanking yourself by the end of the week if you do this because it will save you so much time and will give you a mainstream way to communicate with your prospects, team and clients that they will appreciate.

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