5 Ways to Make Sure Your Business is Ready for Holiday Shoppers

August 13, 2021  

If you own a small shop or retail business, you may be wondering how to get through the busy holiday season. Holiday shoppers can bring an increase in profits, but busy days can be stressful too, that’s why it’s never too early to start getting ready for the holiday rush! Here’s how you can start prepping now for the upcoming holiday season:

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Decide If Dropshipping is Right for Your Business

These days, the majority of consumers are doing their holiday shopping at least partly online. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself about dropshipping and ecommerce so you can decide if this inventory model fits with your business needs. The holidays can be a lucrative time to make your move to a dropshipping model. Many business owners prefer this inventory practice because they don’t need to house any additional inventory. Do yourself a favor and look for additional ecommerce options, like being mobile friendly and the ability for customers to make purchases online; you want to take advantage of all those online sales and shoppers. 

Hire Seasonal Employees to Help Over the Holidays

To get your business through the busy holiday shopping season, you’ll likely need to think about hiring some seasonal employees. Pulling in reliable temporary help means conducting thorough interviews, so if it’s been a while since you’ve hired staff, you may need to refresh your interview skills. Do some homework and look at typical job interview models to ensure you’re adhering to current interview etiquette and asking the right questions to filter out qualified candidates. And if you don’t already, start using accounting software that will help you manage everything from time tracking for your new employees to payroll to inventory and more so that your time is freed up to focus on maximizing holiday-related opportunities for growing your business. 

Add Some Holiday Cheer to Your Business  

Decorating your storefront is about more than celebrating the season. A little holiday decor can create a charming experience for your customers and make them want to spend more time, and more money, in your store. This can also be a creative way to show off your goods and services! Window displays can be particularly effective in driving customers to your store and stoking more interest in your business. Best of all, you can create holiday decor that matches your business and your personality, whether you prefer serene scenes of beauty or more humorous displays. If you can, purchase quality decor you’ll be able to use for several years to come. It will be worth the investment!

Connect With Your Best Customers

If you have a list of your most loyal customers, there’s no better time than the holidays to show them some gratitude for their patronage. There are numerous ways to show customers your appreciation. You could plan for a special holiday shopping event with exclusive discounts, refreshments and entertainment, or you can choose to do something smaller. Sending holiday cards to your customers is always a welcome gesture, but make sure you are using this marketing tool in all the right ways. Keep designs generic, add a personal note, and make sure you get them in mailboxes early in December. 

Give Some Gifts Back to Your Community

The holidays are a season of giving, so why not use that time to help people in need in your community? There are so many ways to give back and show your appreciation for the people who frequent your business every day. You could help feed families in need by collecting canned goods or host a toy drive for charities like Toys for Tots. Setting up givebacks like these in your store will show customers you are truly invested in the community, while giving you a simple way to give back during the holidays. Of course, if you prefer not to set something up inside your store, you could also make a donation on Giving Tuesday or some other time during the holidays.

The holidays can be a great time to connect with your customers and increase profits for your small business. Make sure your store looks inviting and festive, adjust your marketing plan to fit the busy shopping season, and remember to use this time of giving to give back to your community. Good look preparing for the holidays and best wishes for continued success! 

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