6 Valuable Video Content Ideas For Businesses To Create Audience Engagement On Instagram

by Guest Blog  - June 29, 2021

6 Valuable Video Content Ideas For Business To Create Audience Engagement On Instagram

Instagram is rising its popularity through its visual content and grows beyond expectations. The involvement of audiences attracts marketers to use their marketing strategy on Instagram to grow their business. More than one billion people use Instagram monthly and upload over 100 million posts daily. Because of high audience engagement on Instagram, it is essential to stand out from the crowd.

First, when Instagram was introduced, it was just an application for users to share photos. Later, Instagram gave an update to upload videos in their regular posts, and people started to explore their creativity to make their presence on Instagram. The popularity of businesses on Instagram grows with your creativity and ideas to stay ahead of the competition. 

Instagram keeps on introducing various features for creating an engaging video and a way to attract audiences to your business. Instagram videos are the best tool to reach huge people interested in your business and build connections with them.

Instagram Features

The four best ways to bring out your creativity on Instagram are,

  • Instagram Feed Videos: You can post your video content directly into the feed, having a video length of a minimum of three seconds and can extend up to a minute.
  • Instagram Stories: It helps to connect with your followers directly and engage them by showing exciting things. The video on Instagram stories is about 15 seconds.
  • Reels: The best entertaining feature on Instagram is the reels that are similar to TikTok. People scrolls reel videos to make themselves free from stress.
  • IGTV: The best feature for businesses to explain their process is through IGTV. It is a long video of about 15 minutes, and verified users can upload videos for an hour.

The article explains to you the best ways to create an engaging video on Instagram with the above features and reach your brand among wider audiences.

#1. Showcase A Process

People will show interest in buying a product only if they know the advantages of a particular product or the procedure to use it. Instagram gives you the best way to explain a step-by-step process video to your audiences through Instagram TV (IGTV) feature. The visual appearance has more power to attract the audience's attention to your brand and increase your sales conversion. 

Give a clear way to your audiences about your product and provide a valid reason for buying your product. Make content explaining all the features of your brand and show your product visually to create brand trust among your followers. Allow them to clear their doubts through comments and encourage them to leave questions. Respond to their comments immediately, indicating your online presence for your audiences to believe you.

#2. Run Flash Sale Through Stories

Usually, posting content on stories creates higher engagement for your business and improves your popularity. People will generally show interest in any promotional activities, so use flash sales as an advantage for your business to boost views on Instagram stories. Though the Instagram stories appear for only 24 hours on your follower’s page, use this as an excellent opportunity and perform flash sales to increase conversions. 

Give the offer to a limited number of people; for example, announce it as an extra gift for the first ten buyers. It helps to convert a person as your customer who already has an idea in buying your product. The above method steals away the sales very quickly and increases ROI.

Pro tip: Apply this type of sales only for limited stocks or for products you don’t give discounts often. Because this makes your followers keep updating with your stories for the next deal from you.

#3. Conduct Interview Session

The concept of conducting interviews will increase the interaction between your followers and build a strong relationship with them. Invite a guest who has an interest in your business or a higher authority in your company for the interview. Move the session as an interesting one by conducting a Q&A session. Add an extra taste to your video by encouraging them to ask their questions through comments and make the discussion as an interesting one.

The questions should be casual and build trust among your audiences with your interaction. But finding guests will be a tedious process, so it is best to invite your higher authority. Also, you can invite your potential customers for an interview and ask for feedback about your product or your company which is a great way to increase the conversion rate for your business.

#4. Live Videos

Live streaming helps to grow your business by engaging audiences with your Instagram account. The standard live video ideas would be giving instruction to use your product or clearing your audience’s doubts. When you show the working of your product in live, many people will intend to buy your product. Live videos create a trustworthy relationship among your followers, and they will often watch your updates.

Carry out your live session as enjoyable by giving your audiences a piece of exciting information and engaging them on your page with your creativity. When you perform live, your followers will get a notification, and it appears near to the Instagram stories indication. Once after completing your live, you can either post it on stories or on the Instagram feed to utilize your video according to your follower’s needs.

#5. Add Teaser Videos

Do you have any plan to launch a new product or any update on your business? Instead of directly releasing your product to the viewers, use Instagram feeds and stories to create curiosity among your followers. Build interest by launching a teaser video like a trailer film released before a movie launch. Use this technique to make your audiences stay on your page for the product launch.

Instagram also has exciting features on stories like stickers and filters. Use the countdown sticker before your launch and set the particular date and time to increase your follower’s interest in your new product. You can also ask the expectations of your launching product from the followers and check whether it meets their expectations to gain engagement.

#6. Shoot Behind-The-Scenes Video

People will be curious to know about the happenings in the back end of your business. Show the working environment of your industry to your audiences that creates a good connection between you and your followers. Take your followers on an industry tour and show your hard work behind the success of your product. Introduce your company's employees and interview them about the making process and the standard of your product to the audiences to create brand trust.

Behind the scenes does not mean that you have to show the whole process of your business. But show a random working procedure in making out your product and explain the quality in the video. For example, if your industry is making chocolates, bring out the simple process of chocolate manufacturing to attract users to buy your product and bring more audiences to your page.

Wrapping Up:

Instagram is a powerful tool to gather plenty of users to your account using your content creativity with unique ideas. The Instagram algorithm helps to grow your business if your content is engaging and attracts people to interact with you. I hope that the above video content ideas help you to increase the audience’s engagement. The various Instagram features like stories, reels, IGTV, and feed bring out an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness with various people on Instagram.

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