7 Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategies That Small Businesses Never Knew

by Shaun Whynacht  - July 26, 2021

Power of Instagram

The power of Instagram is so breathtaking and no doubt huge companies like Starbucks and Nike span a solid presence. Several other well established companies own a large community of people following and have never faced problems in receiving engagement and the desired results for their social media campaigns. But the question here is how could small businesses use Instagram.Don’t panic. Instagram allows businesses of all sizes to access its app to find new opportunities and reach new heights. Staying away from using Instagram equates to missing out on many golden opportunities for your businesses.

Instagram has more than 500 million monthly active users and is the fourth most downloaded app in the United States. Many small businesses sign up for an Instagram business account but give up halfway since they are confused about how to use it for developing their business. Here are 10 powerful Instagram strategies that help small businesses grow rapidly.

1. Set Up Your Account

A clear bio, a brand logo as your profile picture and a link to your website are three main things that you should set for your business account. Apart from this, you need to connect your company’s social media accounts together. If you already have a strong following in other social channels, chances are more likely that they will start following you on Instagram as well. Instagram allows you to connect with your other social profiles and what you post to your Instagram feed will be automatically published to those accounts as well. This is a wise strategy that small businesses must put into practice to gain popularity for their business.

2. Track Engagement Rate

Paying attention to what you post is more important than when you post and how frequently you post. The Instagram Insights feature available for business accounts provides in-depth data about which posts perform well among your audience and as well as information about audience demographics which are a gold mine to create and make changes to your marketing strategy. Analysing this data will help you better understand the type of content they like, the style of images they love watching and filters that you need to apply and the hashtags you need to use, etc. When you improve your strategy by making use of information from Instagram insights, you can get valuable benefits for your small business.

3. Respond to Comments

Just posting content and keeping quiet will not help you in any way. Understand that you are a part of a huge social media channel and you need to interact with others.Strat responding to others comments beneath your posts. Ending your response with a question and keeping the conversation going paves way to longer engagement hours hence making your sem more active on Instagram.This is your way to keep followers coming back to you and many turn out into potential buyers.

4. Implement Influencer Marketing

One of the quick ways to build a quality and strong following is to partner with Influencers in particular when you have a brand new account.  Influencer marketing facilitates you to increase your connections by allowing you to interact with people who follow the Influencer on Instagram getting a wider exposure for your small business. This leads to growing your small business into an enterprise sized company. Gone are the days when Influencer marketing was very expensive when not everyone was able to include it in their budget. There are various types of Influencers based on the following. You can choose the right one based on your niche and your budget. Now most brands find taming up with Influencers a more cost-effective strategy as a part of their marketing strategy. Just joining hands with an Influencer with a decent-sized following can make wonders and turn your small business worthwhile.Give full freedom for the Influencer to post content about your product to attract more people and get automatic likes for Instagram posts in your feed which is an actionable way to make people take a look at your product. This might lead them to the sales funnel gaining you profit.

5. Regram Others’ Content

When you start sharing others’ content, you can build new connections with great ease. For businesses completely new to Instagram, the top priority would be to build a good audience which requires your profile to flash the eyeballs of innumerous people. And that is when you will start getting likes, shares and comments for your posts, what we call engagement. First you need to choose the other person’s post that you want to regram. Take a screenshot of it but never edit the picture.Now go back to your app and post the photo. Don’t forget to include a caption, appropriate and right number of trending hashtags and a credit to the original creator of the post. Also there are third party apps which facilitate regramming others’ posts on your Instagram feed. Budding small businesses can regram their customers’ posts to get closer to them and ensure customer loyalty.

6. Get A Shoutout

Shoutout on  Instagram refers to approaching people who already have a large following but are not necessarily Influencers. The massive platform has a mix of people who may be huge companies, lifestyle entrepreneurs and of course regular people all of whom have done a lot of expeditions to reach the place where they are now. Approaching these people and requesting them to give a shoutout or mention for your brand is one of the quickest ways to gain new followers and grow your business account. All you need to do to make this strategy work is to first make a list of top influencers belonging to your niche. It would be better to focus on individuals rather than businesses since they are more easy to reach. Make a joint venture by hosting an event together and that’s it. Now you will notice new opportunities and customers keep flowing in for your business and ensuring recurring sales.

7. Interact With Your Competitor’s Followers

Certainly, users who follow your competitors are more likely to follow you since you share the same niche or industry. To make this happen, you need to start interacting with your competitors’ following. You can do this through several ways. Identify people who post comments more often beneath your competitors' posts. Start following them, send them a direct messenger like and share what they post on their feed. Reciprocating is the key to shine on Instagram. When you like others’ post, they will also give you likes. When you follow others, they will tend to follow you also.  All these activities can build up your interaction and steer up their attention towards you. Eventually they will spread the word about your brand among their community. When more people know about your business, they will buy your product as well.

The Takeaway

Achieving a dedicated following for your small business on Instagram won’t happen in the wink of an eye. Be optimistic because the truth is that users are more active on Instagram and a large population of users have started perceiving Instagram as a perfect marketplace like other ecommerce platforms where they would buy products that they want. Kickstart with the above discussed techniques and see your small business grow bigger and bigger.


Sarah James Content Writer

Sarah James is a Content Writer at VoxCorp with more than 8 years of experience in Social Media Marketing. In her free time she loves to talk with her friends on food, travel and ancient culture.

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