9 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics of 2020

by Shaun Whynacht  - March 6, 2020

9 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics of 2020

In the world of digital marketing, the year 2020 will be a year of transition. Here are the top 9 digital marketing trends for 2020.


As of the year 2020, SEO still remains to be the number one effective digital marketing strategy and is only predicted to continue to play an important role in e-commerce. Although Google's algorithms continue to be confusing, more and more experts are grasping some of its patterns and applying them to online businesses. This is why an SEO expert is crucial when it comes to formulating a marketing strategy. At this point, it's safe to say a business that chooses to ignore SEO is doomed to fail.

Search Engine Marketing

Usually abbreviated to SEM, it is a form of online marketing that involves increasing your SERPs through paid ads. This field of digital marketing will need experts, especially someone who has worked with Google Ads in the past. Speaking of Google Ads, online business owners should invest the time at learning how the process works. Google has taken great effort into making sure Google Ads is easy to use and understand by allowing many customization features. For instance, you can choose whether you want graphic display ads, text-based search ads, YouTube video ads, or in-app mobile ads. This will all be based on your business style and target customers.

Customer Dog

Customer experience

The good news is that 2020 will be the year for customers. There is a massive shift in paradigm about what marketing really means. No longer will agencies continue to believe that marketing is about trying to convince people to purchase or work for a company no longer holds true. Instead, people are leaning towards customer experience as the number one goal for marketing.

The digital era that we're in now has given consumers more power. They now pay an active role when it comes to learning about products. They don't want to be told that a product from one company is better than that of others. They have the capacity to do the research for themselves.

Employee Engagement

Efficiency and friendly service are the cornerstones of great customer experience. And in order to provide this, business owners should establish good employee engagement. Essentially, employees become the de facto face of the company to their customers. Employees who also believe in a company's product will increase the confidence of customers in the company. Customers like it when their questions are answered immediately to prove the legitimacy of the company and its products.


The increasing popularity of smart speakers and voice search might make you think that a readable content is a lot more important than visuals and design, but that's not totally accurate. In fact, while there are significant advancements in voice search and it is influencing how we will create content today and in the future, there's still a lot of attention on visual content, case in point, the growing popularity and influence of Instagram and Pinterest, both image-focused platforms. Numerous studies have shown that humans respond more to visual stimuli in the form of images, colors, and movement rather than just readability.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The most essential part of effective content marketing would be to make sure the content is relevant, valuable, and consistent to make it worthwhile to view by the audience. A greater focus should be placed on creating content that can address common pain points and stay fresh. The use of black hat SEO or shortcuts won't work as effectively anymore against Google's ever-changing algorithm. So in 2020, always remember content is king.

Responsive Website

Ensuring that websites are mobile-friendly continues to dominate digital marketing trends and it is mainly due to the number of people shifting their internet use to mobile.  This means there is even more pressure that web designers make their sites adjust based on the type of device it is being accessed. This can now be done through responsive programming but the downside is different web templates will have to be used for each type of device.


Another strategy to consider this New Year would be remarketing. It means going after prospects who didn't respond to an ad campaign the first time. This involves tracking visitors through cookies and producing new banners, posters, or pop-ups about related sites.

Social Media Marketing

Almost anyone with access to the internet has, in some form or another, access to social media; which means the perfect environment for digital marketing to thrive in. Being still so new, there are a lot of opportunities for growth. As the world's population slowly moves to digital then social media will become ever more important in creating networks across the world which would mean businesses would have to follow their customers online. And what better way to reach a bunch of people at once than through social media?

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