About - Blue Cow Marketing Inc.

We want you to love what you do.
That's why we do what we do...
and we love marketing

We'll work closely with you in a 1:2:1 structure to understand your challenges first before we can make any recommendations on solutions for your marketing, sales, and service.

Once we've identified what is challenging you we then want to know what's important to you in your business goals. These two key areas will help us make the guiding recommendation of how we will together overcome those challenges and get you to where you want to be in your business. 

What's important is that the relationship together is built on trust and tangible results. We will start by focusing on your short term wins and getting you measurable results in your business, while also building the foundation for repeatable and scaleable growth.

We are a small firm with a big heart and we only work with businesses who have an equal passion for the work they do and the clients that they serve. If this sounds like you, let's start by scheduling a connect call together.

We Identify Your Best Lead Opportunities...

...and we give you the RIGHT tools in to achieve success.

Meet The Team

Shaun Whynacht

Shaun Whynacht, CEO

For Shaun Whynacht, small business is a way of life. In fact, the entrepreneurial spirit is practically woven into his DNA.  As a small boy, he tagged along with his grandfather as he maintained a successful TV repair business. Later he helped renovate the kitchen for his grandmother’s cake shop, and all the while, his mother ran a craft business in his childhood home. Unsurprisingly, by the time he was in high school Shaun went into business for himself.

Upon completion of his college studies in television production, he spent more than a decade exploring every corner of Canada and learning about the business world as an employee. From non-profits to corporations and revenue development to web design, Shaun has seen it all.

Nikki Schaubel, Copywriter

Nikki is a trainer, speaker and personal coach based in Montana who loves to laugh, travel and dream up new ideas. She has spent the last 20 years in a variety of roles including: dance teacher, court administrator, non-profit marketer, photographer, small business owner and mom. She comes equipped with a background in Communication and Public Relations which means you can expect her to ask questions that will make you dig deep. Her passion is human connection and her goal is to inspire you to discover your purpose in both life and work. Part storyteller, part cheerleader, it’s her life’s work to help others succeed.

Austin MacKenzie

Austin MacKenzie, Paid Traffic

Austin fiercely ambitious marketing fanatic determined to make big impacts in the business works. He is passionate about turning his goals into reality and believes the best way to achieve his goals is to be the best at what he does. When asked what his best qualities are he said, he is flexible, an extremely fast learner, and will work harder than anyone else to grow your revenue.

Lawren Yochim

Lawren Yochim, Photographer

Lawren Yochim is a creative portrait photographer, specializing in people and animal photography with playful and energetic imagery. She is currently available to shoot commercial, portraits. She is very friendly and upbeat. Listens and takes direction well. She will provide professional and creative input on any project. Based in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Lawren is ready to create outstanding visuals for you.

Keisha Timmons

Keshia Timmins, Social Media

From a young age, Keshia has always been a social butterfly. Presently utilizing this natural talent, along with today's digital marketing trends, she has achieved proven profitable social media campaigns for many companies from large retail stores to entrepreneurs. With her drive for success, expertise and commitment to helping others, she can create a continuous positive online presence for your business. When she isn't concentrating her efforts in the digital marketing world, she can be found drinking a big cup of coffee at home with a good book or out hiking with her dog!

Anthony Jewell

Anthony Jewell, Web Design

For over 15 brilliant years, Anthony Jewell has applied his Proven Brand Awareness, Trust Enhancement & Customer Acquisition Formula to build compelling websites that engage business visitors, attract targeted audiences, and boost the bottom-line.

Armed with a background in direct and online marketing,  Anthony uses forgotten techniques to help companies like yours make an instant connection with new and potential customers. From there, you can count on him to help your business deliver the ultimate customer experience and watch your business grow.