Adjusting For Consumer Behaviour Changes During Difficult Times

by Shaun Whynacht  - April 8, 2020

There is no doubt that we are in unchartered waters with the whole social distancing, home isolation and move to strictly online means of communication.

You’re also personally probably noticing a change in your own behaviour let alone that of your customers.

One of the main things I’m noticing amount my clients is that they are being force to think outside the box and come up with create ways to keep their businesses going.

Thank you that the Canadian Government has quickly put together programs to assist financially (however some will always have an opinion to whether it’s good, bad or both).

See their programs here:

In a consumer report put out by Outbrain they look at the Consumer Behaviour Trends during Covid-19 (You can see the whole report here –


The show they graphic that stages the amount of internet traffic during the run of a day. Blue line is Feb 29 and Red line is March 15th.

This alone is showing that more and more people are spending their times online, reading online news, on social media, etc.

Also the quality of the traffic online is more premium for most businesses as they are now B2B as well as B2C.

Some industries are Thriving in online traffic

Thriving Verticals:

  • Home & Lifestyle = Significant growth in all categories.
  • Business & Finance; Investing + Careers = CTR increases up to 73%.
  • E-Commerce = Weekly growth rate of 52%.
  • Entertainment; Games, TV, Movies, Music, Books = CTR increases averaging 70% with Music specifically seeing a 5x increase (with little to zero price fluctuation).
  • Health & Fitness = Significant growth in all categories.
  • Recreation = RPM growth with potential for Marketers to tap into.

My recommendation to you is to take the time now to focus on your business online and if you can allocate some budget running online ads to your ideal audiences.

Of course make sure you have your offer in place and the ideal path of what you want them to do figured out first.

If you’d like to talk through an approach, I’d be happy to give you some complimentary time in my calendar to have a zoom call. Reach me at

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Shaun Whynacht

Shaun, our Founder and CEO has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. He knows firsthand how much love and determination gets poured into running a business after spending more than 10 years touring all over Canada learning from different industries. Not only is Shaun passionate about marketing he also developed some very unique abilities to stay current with changing technology in this ever-progressive world

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