How to Ask for Referrals to Grow Your Business

by Shaun Whynacht  - January 16, 2017

How did you find your hairstylist? Your doctor? A babysitter for your kids? Referrals!

ReferralsThe chances are strong that you do business with someone a friend recommended. More than any other type of advertising, we universally trust the opinions of friends and acquaintances. Eighty-four percent of people surveyed in fifty-eight different countries by Nielsen said they trust recommendations from people they know. We even trust people we don’t know, with 68 percent of respondents reporting confidence in online reviews.

Gaining referrals can be one of the most effective strategies for acquiring new customers and growing your business—with one caveat. You have to ask for them.

Think back to the time your friend recommended her doctor. She probably didn’t start raving about her medical care in the middle of brunch. More likely, you asked for recommendations when you needed a new doctor. But what if the doctor had asked your friend to identify possible new patients? Or better yet, what if he had offered your friend a gift card for doing so? Maybe the doctor referral would have made for brunch conversation, after all.

What you’ll learn from this free guide:

84% of customers rely on referrals to make a purchase. Asking your happiest customers to promote your business to their friends is a foolproof way to generate more business. Learn to conquer your fear and harness the power of customer referrals with this step-by-step guide, How to Ask for Referrals that Help Grow Your Business.

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Shaun Whynacht

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