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Kirk Masters

Episode 08: The Milk Run: Kirk Masters – Creating A Competitive Advantage Through Automation

This week my guest is Kirk Masters, Regional Partner Manager with Infusionsoft.  Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Kirk has had first hand experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner.  Over the year working with Infusionsoft, he has helped thousands of small business owners around the world scale their business through automation.  This show […]

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Tips for Newbie Blog Writers

Seriously, it boggles my mind that I see business owners talking about how they are wanting to market themselves online and grow their business, but yet they don’t have a blog.  Why? As I’m unable to go inside their brain and pull out the answer, I think I can only make an educated guess based […]

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Tyler Burtch

Episode 06: The Milk Run: Tyler Burtch, Certified Cash Flow Specialist

Tyler has an inescapable passion for assisting people achieve their personal and professional goals. His natural leadership and business acumen drive a Financial Planning process that emphasizes a panoramic view of wealth creation for specific/unique family requirements. In June of 2014 Tyler and Jason Robinson, friend and colleague, formed Burtch Robinson & Associates Inc. to […]

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The Milk Run Podcast

Episode 05: The Milk Run: Elayne Whitfield, Master Virtual Assistant

Today I was pleased to speak with Elayne Whitefield-Parr, Master Virtual Assistant about how having a virtual assistant can help your business.  She brings wealth of experience and knowledge to the table when it comes to growing your business with VA’s.  Check out her website at for more information and free resources. Elayne Whitfield-Parr… …is […]

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Networking…what works for you?

Networking in one of the most personal ways to grow your business.  Since business is about one to one connections, bring in a physical place with someone who is your potential customer is a prime location for bringing it all together. We have asked our small business advisor network one question last month, “What’s your […]

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Shaun Whynacht Painting

Fatherly Pride & Business

July 10th, 2016 was a day that I felt and overwhelming feeling of pride in my life.  As a new and first time father (10 months ago on September 2nd), I am experiencing things that are literally changing my views not only on life but on my business. First, let’s back up a bit.  My […]

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