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Your Fee Sucks!

I’m sure we have all been in this situation. You go to a business like a pizza shop to pick up your order, they tell you the total (which seems to be going up as fast as the price of gas these days), you hand them your debit card and WHAM!  Slapped in the face […]

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What’s your typical customer lifecycle?

Do you know what your typical customer lifecycle is?  What if you know what your ideal customer lifecycle was?  Then you would have a better understanding of how to market, nurture and wow these customers so that they are not just a one hit wonder, but rather a customer for life.  Having a customer for […]

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Why Do You Need A CRM

Why you need a CRM

Why do you need a CRM?  In reality a CRM is an essential part of running a successful business.  It’s a central location where you keep track of all your clients, customer, prospects and suppliers.  A CRM allows you to stay organized and have a reliable source for the information that is important to you. […]

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Push Me Coach

Yesterday we were picking our daughter up from cheer-leading class and she seemed a bit down.  When asked what was wrong she mentioned that they were doing push up and she told the coach she could not do them.  Come to find out, she could do them but it was the hand stands that were […]

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Viral Video

The Day My Video Went Viral

You hear about it all the time. A video goes viral. However what does that really mean? Well it happened to me the this week. Let me tell you about it. I’ll rewind a bit and go back to the past weekend. My family and I took a trip to Port Hood Island, Nova Scotia […]

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Getting Paid

How to take your clients money…faster!

I’m sure the heading of this post may have tweaked your curiosity.  For some it may of sounded a bit malicious, however it’s not. In your business, especially if you’re a single business owner, cash flow is everything.  It’s about money money money. It’s what helps you live and operate.  I would almost compare it […]

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