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Push Me Coach

Yesterday we were picking our daughter up from cheer-leading class and she seemed a bit down.  When asked what was wrong she mentioned that they were doing push up and she told the coach she could not do them.  Come to find out, she could do them but it was the hand stands that were […]

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Viral Video

The Day My Video Went Viral

You hear about it all the time. A video goes viral. However what does that really mean? Well it happened to me the this week. Let me tell you about it. I’ll rewind a bit and go back to the past weekend. My family and I took a trip to Port Hood Island, Nova Scotia […]

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Getting Paid

How to take your clients money…faster!

I’m sure the heading of this post may have tweaked your curiosity.  For some it may of sounded a bit malicious, however it’s not. In your business, especially if you’re a single business owner, cash flow is everything.  It’s about money money money. It’s what helps you live and operate.  I would almost compare it […]

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The Tooth Fairy & Your Business

Have you had a visit from the Tooth Fairy lately?  Probably not and for obvious reasons. However, for my 8 year old last night, that was the case.  She had a tooth pulled yesterday at the dentist and last evening the tooth fairy came and brought her $10 (yes, $10 per tooth…don’t get me started […]

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The Wake Up Call

Have you used a wake up call service when you stayed at a hotel?  Why did you do that?  We all have cell phones with alarm clocks.  Plus all hotel rooms have alarm clocks in them.  I’m sure it’s because you would say, “just incase”.  Because the hotel is offering that service, it’s probably a […]

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Benefits Of Marketing For Small Business

If you are into business, marketing is an element of it that you just can ignore. However, a number of people keep on taking marketing for granted without even knowing the benefits that it has to offer in the first place. Taking this into consideration, I have mentioned a list of benefits that marketing may […]

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Shaun Deck

Deck Building & Business Planning

Have you ever done a DIY project? If you’re unfamiliar with that term it stands for Do It Yourself? Recently I just completed building my own deck on my house. This was a projects I always wanted to have and do myself. From the moment I purchased the house there was a smaller, less attractive […]

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