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2018 Holiday Special

2018 Holiday Marketing Audio Special

2018 Holiday Audio Marketing SpecialEvery year I put together a holiday audio special to answer some marketing questions that you may be having in your business.  This year I asked for questions to be submitted and received some great questions. I’ve answered them in this audio special.  I hope you enjoy.Want to download an MP3 copy […]

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Square launched Free Appointment Tool for Entrepreneurs

Square launched Free Appointment Tool for EntrepreneursThis morning I received an email that spawned the creation of this review video below and also this blog post.   For years since hearing about the company Square, I’ve been a big fan. Originally they came into the marketplace to give entrepreneurs a way to take online payments in […]

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Zenreach Wifi

Who is using your wifi?

Who is using your free wifi?If you go into most restaurants, bars or cafes these days and look around, you will most likely see the majority of customers stair at their cell phones or having their noses buried into their laptops.  There is one thing in common with the majority of them.  They are using […]

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The Importance of a great website for marketing

The Importance of a Great Website for Marketing

The Importance of a Great Website for MarketingOne of the most important marketing materials that you can have today is your website. Your website will help you find business, quality business, and make more sales. The website works for you when you’re sleeping to provide your audience with information and access to your thoughts and […]

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Tips to Making Your Videos More Professional

Tips to Making Your Videos More ProfessionalCreating videos for YouTube can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it. You can spend thousands making professional productions or you can spend little to nothing making barely presentable videos. But, you can also take the time to invest in these small efforts to […]

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Ten Reasons to Market Using YouTube

Ten Reasons to Market Using YouTube Using YouTube to market your business is really a no-brainer. But if you’ve been hesitant to take the plunge, you might want to read over these ten reasons to market your business using YouTube. 1. It’s Free and Using YouTube itself is free. You can spend money on production […]

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