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How Micro Businesses are Changing the Game

Small players, entrepreneurs, startups – their time has come. In today’s consumer market, flexibility, creativity and innovation pay dividends. Micro businesses are quietly stepping up to the plate and delivering surprising results that leave their big brand competitors trailing behind. Here are some ways that people are changing the business landscape by embracing new business […]

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Tips for Newbie Blog Writers

Seriously, it boggles my mind that I see business owners talking about how they are wanting to market themselves online and grow their business, but yet they don’t have a blog.  Why? As I’m unable to go inside their brain and pull out the answer, I think I can only make an educated guess based […]

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Networking…what works for you?

Networking in one of the most personal ways to grow your business.  Since business is about one to one connections, bring in a physical place with someone who is your potential customer is a prime location for bringing it all together. We have asked our small business advisor network one question last month, “What’s your […]

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Shaun Whynacht Painting

Fatherly Pride & Business

July 10th, 2016 was a day that I felt and overwhelming feeling of pride in my life.  As a new and first time father (10 months ago on September 2nd), I am experiencing things that are literally changing my views not only on life but on my business. First, let’s back up a bit.  My […]

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How my CRM changed my life

For many that headline may seem like a weird title. How could a CRM change your life?  Well that is what I’m about to tell you. You see in mid 2010, I was sitting in my basement office of my house working on a project.  As I was working on a clients project I was […]

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