Develop Your Live Event or Course Marketing Framework In 6 Minutes

by Shaun Whynacht  - September 16, 2019

Develop Your Live Event or Course Marketing Framework In 6 Minutes

You know as well as I do that getting interested people to come to an event you’re holding or register for a course or training you’re offering is the best way to close them on a larger engagement.

You also know that it’s not that easy to get them to do those above-mentioned actions.

What you really need to do is look at how you structure your promotional framework around this.

If you look at the above diagram, what I’m intending with this is that you need to place your big-ticket event at the top. Then from there you can make a minimum of two smaller paid elements like a minicourse or webinar with two topics from the big event, but only giving about 20% of that content in this.

Note: You don’t always have to charge for this, but if it’s a mini-course it’s recommended so your prospects get used to paying for premium content from you. Price it so that its goal is only to cover the cost of ads you have running to the lead magnets. $7, $17 or $27 is a great price. You don’t want it to be a barrier to entry.

Then from there, you make a lead magnet out of a micro piece of content in those courses.

Those are then promoted in social posts. So then grab small clips from your video, single slides, do FB lives or anything that will give value in your social content.

You can retarget those on social who come to any of the landing pages or engage with your social posts to get an ad about the mini-course.

You want them to go through the whole Customer Journey on their way to the main event.

While you will get outliers who will buy into the main event without the other content, but the majority of people will be better suited if they follow that path and will be an easier sell.

If you found this helpful and want assistance in developing a custom marketing system for your course, event or training, let’s have a free consult call.

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