Driving Growth and Loyalty: The Strategic Benefits of Community Service in Business

by Guest Blog  - April 16, 2024

While the goal of most businesses is to grow and become profitable, they’re now held to higher standards than they were years ago. Times have changed, and the ideals and values of both employees and customers are much more pronounced in modern times.

All businesses, regardless of size, are in a position to make a deep impact (for better or for worse) on individuals or organizations around them. Whether it comes to their carbon footprints or their presence in the community, there are various layers of accountability that organizations need to acknowledge as they continue to grow.

However, when it comes to setting the right tone for individuals who interact with a business, community service initiatives can be a great way to define an organization's values and motives with those in and around it.

The Benefits of Community Service for Your Company

Community service is a respectable practice that, unfortunately, not everyone contributes to. Whether you’re volunteering at a local soup kitchen or hosting a charity event, without community service volunteers, the society we live in wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

While the benefits of volunteering your time and service to great causes are fulfilling in themselves, businesses that contribute to these initiatives often see other larger benefits that align with their own strategic goals.

Below are some of the benefits that businesses often experience when they actively make their community a priority:

Attracting Better Talent is Easier

Today’s generation is very different from those before it. The digitization of nearly everything we do has created a never-ending supply of information that can help us make our decisions, from where we decide to shop to the brands we choose to support.

This level of data access extends to skilled job seekers who are consciously looking to associate themselves with reputable companies that support the same ideals as their own. But in order to tap into this pool of candidates, businesses need to constantly prove that they don’t subscribe to the “anything for more revenue” mentality.

Being active in the community is a great way to show potential employees where your business’s priorities are. Since these individuals live in or represent those same communities, it becomes a testament to how the company culture is maintained inside the office.

Brand Reputation is Improved

Brand reputation can make or break a business. It’s much easier to establish yourself as a reputable company than to repair a brand after trust has been broken.

Businesses have the ability to set the right tone - especially when newly established - by looking for opportunities to support their local communities. This is not only a great way to highlight a company’s true value and corporate mission but also to build awareness with others about who they are and what types of products or services they offer.

Customer Loyalty is Strengthened

You would be hard-pressed these days to find a product or service idea that isn’t being explored by more than one company. Even unique business ideas are quickly copied by competitors, and then the pricing war begins. So, how do successful brands navigate these issues effectively - the answer is customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is a powerful growth variable that not many companies find difficult to master. The truth is today’s consumers are driven by much more than just pricing. They want to make sure they’re supporting companies that they trust and can rely on. This includes buying from companies that have sustainable business practices and aren’t considered “sketchy.”A great way to instill this confidence in new or current customers is for companies to put a face on their business. There is no better way to do this than by working with local communities to achieve mutual goals. This helps to personalize a brand and is a great building block when establishing a loyal customer base.

How to Create a Successful Community Service Program

There are a variety of ways companies can get started building and executing their community service program. Below are some best practices you can follow:

Define Your Company Values

Take the time to really think about what your company stands for and how it wants to achieve its goals. Drafting a company mission statement can be a great way to help define what’s important to your business and how it looks to differentiate itself from other businesses.

Having these important values defined upfront helps you to align yourself with other organizations that share similar ideals. Whether it’s supporting a mission to solve world hunger or helping to reduce the global impact of air pollution, having these objectives clearly outlined gives your business purpose and will guide you on initiatives you can make to support it.

Get Program Input From Your Employees

Getting input from your employees on community service initiatives is important for a couple of reasons.

First off, most employees will have varying levels of experience with other organizations. They may have worked with non-profits or local government facilities in the past, or may even be actively involved in community service already. Their perspectives can be really useful when creating your own community service program.Secondly, community involvement starts with your willingness to work hand in hand with your employees. Community service shouldn’t be a hierarchal process where activities are dictated by a few people.

Executives, managers, and employees should equally contribute to all community service activities - including how they’re planned and executed. This sets the right tone and ensures the company maintains authenticity in its motives.

Create Different Opportunities for Company Involvement

When you give back to the community on your own, it’s easy to coordinate your schedule and find activities you would enjoy. But when a business or organization conducts community service on behalf of all employees, it can be difficult to find causes or activities that appeal to everyone.

To help solve this problem, creating multiple opportunities that employees can choose from when supporting different organizations can be a great idea. This not only provides variety to employees - who may be limited in what they can contribute - and offers different options to choose from but also takes into consideration everyone’s different scheduling capabilities.

Get Your Business Involved With the Community

Community service can be a rewarding experience for all types of businesses. By taking the time to look for organizations whose missions mirror your own, leveraging your employee’s perspectives, and prioritizing authenticity in your community service approach, you’ll not only be able to support some great causes but also position your business as a trusted part of the community. 

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