June 26

Free Live Dictation From Otter.ai


Free Audio Dictation from Otter.ai

Are you a content creator, blogger, business owner, presenter or someone who always has great ideas.  Then get the FREE Otter.ai app.  

I was introduced to this while speaking at Social Media Day Halifax last week by an attendee in the audience.  I came home, downloaded the app and tried it and WOW.

The text below the video is a pure dictation from the video. I recorded on the app at the same time as recording this video.

Copy and Paste from the Live Dictation App

Hey guys, it's Shaun here with Blue Cow Marketing. I am going to show you a app that I was introduced to while speaking at an event last week that has really blown my mind. It's revolutionizing the way that I take audio notes, how I dictate blog posts or anything where I want to take voice and turn it into text now, it is called otter.ai. And they have a free account. And this is really a great app. Okay, so I've got it here on my phone. It's actually recording this message right here through the microphone. And it is live dictating it is taking everything that I am saying and turning it into text. Why is this important? Well, if you want to create blog posts, or you want to do videos like this, where you're taking an actual video and turning it into text as well, This is a great way to do it. Now. Like I said, it is a free app in the free version. Like many apps, there is a premium level that you can upgrade. But their free app has up to 600 minutes of live dictation per month included for free. I mean for most businesses, 600 minutes of audio recording, Think about it. That's 10 hours of audio recording that it will convert for you in live text. So the website otter.ai. This is the app, It is a very powerful and lightweight app that allows you to do what I said Live dictation 600 minutes transcription free per month. If you're a business owner, you're creating content, you creating videos, you're doing presentations, This is the way to do it. Think about it, you go out and you do a 45 minute a one hour presentation, Take your phone, sit there, hit record on the app and just do your presentation. At The End. You've got all the texts, you can provide it to those who are in attendance As a transcript of it. You can turn it into a blog post, you can turn it into an E book. You can turn it into social quotes. You can do whatever you want with it, because it's converting your text live. This is very powerful. That's my tip. That's my technology to share with you today. Check it out. otter.ai I guarantee you use it. It's going to revolutionize the way that you do marketing and create content in your business.

Get 10 Hours of FREE Audio Dictation per month with Otter.ai - Check out this review here

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Copy and Paste from the Live Dictation App

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