Why Golfers Make Great Business People

January 18, 2017  

If you’ve ever seen two golfers go out on a course together, one being a newbie and the other a seasoned player.  There will be a considerable different you will notice aside from their scorecard at the end of 18.  Look at the equipment.  Someone who has been playing golf for some time and has become a fan to the game will most likely have more expensive clubs, more clubs and even more accessories than that of the newcomer to the game.  Why is this?

It’s really quite simple, the newbie doesn’t know what he/she needs to be good at the game.   They usually start out with the bare minimum until they find out the areas they need to improve on. While the seasoned player knows their strengths and weaknesses, they have learned what they like, what works and what is needed and in the majority of the time, have upgrade their tools of the trade over the year.

Your business is the exact same way.  You’re wanting to market yourself better, you want to reach new customers and/or sell more to the customers you already have.  However the world of digital marketing (your golf course) is new to you.  So you need to find out what you need to have in your bag of clubs to be able to make it to the end of 18 holes.

[Video] The 4 Things Every Small Business Needs In Their Digital Club Bag

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