How Does Marketing Automation Benefit My Business

by Shaun Whynacht  - June 21, 2023

Today, we're shining a spotlight on the critical flaws that stunt the growth of numerous emerging businesses. We're here to discuss lifecycle marketing, a crucial component that, when overlooked, can cause your business to bleed opportunities like the Titanic after hitting the iceberg! But fear not - we're providing a potent game-changer, a roadmap centered around lifecycle marketing to seal those detrimental leaks and boost your business to uncharted heights. Ready yourselves, as we're about to kick this lifecycle marketing journey into overdrive.

Lifecycle Marketing

Envision your customer lifecycle not as a leaky bucket, but a voyage with milestones, with every customer playing a significant part. The first step of lifecycle marketing is to generate interest. Potential customers visit your website or browse your social media. Then, you have to capture their attention, turning these interested viewers into leads by collecting their information for future communication. The next milestone in the lifecycle marketing process is persuading them to open their wallets and make a purchase. Finally, we aim to transform them into devoted advocates of your brand, customers who not only return but also actively promote your business.

Leaky Bucket

The harsh reality is that many businesses squander their potential at each step of lifecycle marketing:

First, you invest effort to attract attention, but the moment the customers are not ready to make an immediate purchase, they leave. This is pure waste in the context of lifecycle marketing.

Then, even with solid leads, your follow-up falls short. The result? They don't convert into customers - more wasted potential.

Finally, you acquire a new customer and celebrate, but you lose sight of the final goal of lifecycle marketing - to turn them into advocates. This oversight leads to further wasted potential.

Now, let's exemplify this with some real-life context. You spend time and resources to attract traffic. Out of a thousand visitors, you generate a hundred leads, which further yield ten deals. But, wouldn't you rather close twenty deals? Many would intensify efforts to double the customer base, but lifecycle marketing offers a smarter solution.

Comprehensive Guide To Lifecycle Marketing

Get Our Free Comprehensive Guide To Lifecycle Marketing

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Here's the coveted secret: 

Seal the gaps in your customer lifecycle with lifecycle marketing automation. This powerful framework will help you pinpoint the leaks in your system, and plug them tight.

Think of your business like a sports team. Every great team needs a playbook, right? Similarly, your business requires a lifecycle marketing automation playbook. This guide lists your marketing and sales tactics to ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks.

We categorize lifecycle marketing automation into three straightforward phases:

  • Gather leads
  • Convert customers
  • Create fans. 

Your strategies should align with these categories.

First, let’s tackle website visitor leakage. Consider creating an attractive offer for visitors who are hesitant to commit immediately. A well-crafted lead magnet can accomplish this, allowing you to capture their information and bridge the gap.

Next, we address the void between leads and customers. Studies indicate it requires 7 to 12 touchpoints before someone commits to your business. Most businesses cease their efforts after one or two, which leaves money on the table. Thankfully, we've got your back. Introduce a solid follow-up strategy and witness your conversions surge.

Lastly, ensure every customer evolves into an advocate. A staggering 65% of people switch businesses due to indifference. To combat this, implement a welcome strategy to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with your new customers. You're not merely selling a product; you're curating an unforgettable experience.

Imagine the growth if you plugged these leaks in your lifecycle marketing strategy. Keen to double your sales? This is your way forward. Minimize the wastage hindering your progress and maximize your Lifecycle Automation Playbook.

Keap, is specifically designed to help you automate your customer lifecycle, thereby optimizing your lifecycle marketing strategy. Curious about what Keap can offer? Get a free trial below.

Remember, your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep pushing, keep learning, and most importantly, keep mastering your lifecycle marketing!

A staggering 65% of people switch businesses due to indifference. 

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