How To Double Your Prices In 20 Minutes

September 1, 2023  

Join us on the latest episode of the Content Amplification Podcast, where we have special guests Monica Bozinov and Wendy Brookhouse. In this episode, they reveal their powerful technique on “How To Double Your Prices in 20 Minutes.” 

While buying the right products, having a great product to sell, and implementing effective marketing strategies are crucial for success, Monica and Wendy believe there is much more to achieving financial success. They share their unique approach, which is rooted in science rather than vague concepts.

During the episode, Monica guides listeners through an exercise designed to help overcome the fear and discomfort associated with raising prices. This exercise addresses the internal resistance that often holds entrepreneurs back from charging what they’re truly worth.

Tune in to discover the practical steps and mindset shifts that can help you confidently double your prices in just 20 minutes. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that could transform your perspective on pricing and unlock your financial potential.

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