How To Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories and Highlights

by Shaun Whynacht  - May 18, 2021

How To Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories and Highlights 

You know that heartbreaking feeling when you realize the hours you poured into creating and editing your post resulted in no comments or shares? Or how about the discouragement you feel when you create an interactive marketing campaign and nobody seems to want to participate? 

There is no question that our audience's attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter- Tik Tok’s incredible popularity is the perfect evidence. Businesses have to adapt to this preference for shorter, more engaging content. 

Now, you may be thinking, how could I possibly abbreviate content AND get more out of it? 

Well, that would be a great question, with a very simple answer- Instagram stories. 

Instagram stories are one of the most overlooked marketing tools that has incredible interactive features that are easy to include in any content you share. With features like polls, quizzes, Emoji sliders, and response boxes, interacting as a follower has never been easier- unless businesses aren’t using it! 

How To Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories and Highlights

One of the downsides of Instagram stories is that the content is only there for 24 hours. If only there was a way to save them forever… 

Oh wait! There is!

Instagram highlights allow you to save stories to your Instagram page in separate sections with their own icon and title. Think of your highlights as an Instagram scrapbook for your business that not only allows you to save meaningful memories and important information for existing followers, but also makes your profile much more interesting to new visitors. 

Follow the steps below to create your own Instagram scrapbook. 

Setting Up Your Instagram Highlights


Step One: Deciding on Highlights

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to highlight about your business. 

Common highlights for businesses include:

  • Meet the team:
    • Short introductions of you and your employees
  • Behind the Scenes
    • Let your followers see what goes into your product/service and what makes it special! 
  • Announcements
    • This can include anything from a new product/service offering to a new team member 
  • Reviews/Testimonials
    • Add graphics to awesome things your customers are saying about you

While these are all great ideas to get started, don’t be afraid to make custom highlights that are specific to your business.

Step Two: Highlight Covers

Once you decide on your highlights, you need to create highlight covers or icons for your account. Make sure they are aesthetically pleasing and are consistent with your brand image and social media presence. 

See below for some design inspiration!


Step Three: Creating your Highlights

There are two ways to create a highlight. 

#1- Creating a highlight with a story that you already posted 

This story highlight section appears right above your regular posts. 

Once you click the plus sign, it will take you to all of the stories you have posted- select one of your existing stories that you want to add to a highlight. You will then be able to select the cover you designed from your camera roll and give your highlight a title. 

#2- How to create a highlight from a new story

Once you post your story, click on it. In the bottom right hand corner there is an icon that says “highlight.” Once that is selected, there will be a popup prompting you to add your story to an existing highlight (if you have any) or create a new one. 

Click on the plus sign to add a new highlight. Once again, you can add one of your designs from your camera roll and edit the title of your highlight. 

If you end up not liking how your highlight covers look or want to refresh your profile in the future, you can edit your highlight by holding down until the selection menu pops up. It will look like the image to the right. 

Once this appears, select edit highlight and you will be able to edit the highlight cover and title. 

*Note: You want to consider the order in which you create your highlights. The last highlight you create will appear first on your profile. Only 5 of the most recent highlights will be seen on your profile unless a visitor scrolls through. Make sure you choose these strategically! Most interesting/important should be created last!*

Step Five: Adding Pictures to your “Scrapbooks”

To add new stories to highlights, follow the same steps above except add it to an existing highlight instead of creating a new one. 

To add a story that you posted over 24 hours ago (so it doesn’t still appear on your story), go to your archive. Select the story you want to highlight and click on the highlight button in the bottom right hand corner. 

With these steps, you can make your Instagram stories live up to their highest potential while making the precious real estate at the top of your page more interesting- and prettier!

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