Importance of Developing A Clear Customer Journey in Your Business

by Shaun Whynacht  - December 29, 2020

A successful business today relies heavily on the customer experience. You may have the best product on the market; you will not achieve much if you ignore your customers. 

After all, you are creating the products for them, and it's only good that you engage them well in every step of your development. Customer experience is one of the main ways through which businesses are competing with each other. They are using it to attract and secure most customers to keep their profits up and revenues flowing.

The key to excellent service to your customers relies on your approach. It is crucial that you engage, nurture, and convert your prospects into customers and keep them.

Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much.

From the definition, it looks very easy. But certain things happen along the way that you may not aware of. This is why you need a clear guideline from lead generation to the conversation of your customers.

However, this should not be an issue anymore. There are different strategies and systematic approaches that will get you on the right track with your customers.

This is where customer journey mapping comes in. 

The Key To Excellent Service

What is customer journey mapping?

Technological advancement, specifically, the internet, has made marketing and reaching out to customers much more comfortable than it was years ago. Any company that does not have a website or is connected to social media has no real chance of competing favorably. The internet is where everything happens today.

Having a nice Facebook or Twitter page is not enough, though. It would be best if you created time to engage your customers through these channels, ensuring they are satisfied at every stage of your business.

A clear customer journey is necessary for understanding how your business is growing what you need to improve your services. The journey starts by generating leads, all the way to converting them into consumers.

Customer Journey mapping is how businesses visualize their customers' journey to help them create reasonable goals. And good goals, in this case, means that you can act on. 

In simple terms, the marketer or business owner has to put themselves in their customers' shoes and experience it the way the customer would. It is about selling the product to you before reaching out to the customer.

If you are operating from the inside, it can be a bit hard to see things in the same way your customers do. It is therefore important to step outside and feel what they are feeling. It is only by doing this that you will create a journey that satisfies every customer's needs. 

It can be to navigate through your own website because you see and use it every day. And perhaps you even built it yourself from the ground. Hence, it can be hard to see where the confusion may be when another person is using the same site.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps can be seen as a visual representation of every step a customer has taken with your business. It is a map that shows the customer's journey from the first point to the last point, which is converting them into sales. 

You can use these maps are reference points when you are making important decisions. Every decision that you or any of your staff make should have the customer journey as their foundation. This is because customer journey and customer experience are related aspects of any business in its development. As stated above, you want your customers to be happy, and this can only happen if you engage them properly at every stage of your journey.

What is the customer journey important for?

The best way to create a clear customer journey is to step outside and consider everything from the customer's viewpoint. You become the customer, which helps you build a good map.

You will realize that every customer embarks on a journey that leads them into purchasing the product. There are five distinct phases that they will pass, though, each with different challenges and hurdles. You will need to guide the customer through these hurdles, making sure they feel comfortable with every step.

These phases form a certain aspect of business development called the "customer onboarding process." It is how business guides their customers through the discovery, setup, and integration of their products. 

Customer onboarding is a start-to-finish process that enables the customer to find, evaluate, and become a user of a product. This happens through the sales process.

An exact onboarding process is crucial because it helps the customer first understand your product and service's main benefits. It gives them a clue of what they will gain from using the product and hence incentivizing them to purchase.

Why Should you create customer journey map?

Customer journey is the foundation of any business that seeks to go far with its products and services. Here is why you should consider this process:

It enables you to create efficiency for your customers

Consider a situation where your customers take three or more steps to reach a place where you intended for them to take only one. In this case, it means there is something missing in the journey of your customer. You need to change this and make it more efficient. The easier it is for the customer to understand your product, the easier it will be to purchase.

The route your customer take has to make sense. It could make sense to you easily because you understand the business model, but not for the customer.  

Besides, we all have different ways of navigating websites and respond to things, which is fine. The main point here is to create something that is general and effective for everyone. You need to capture the most wants and needs of your customer base. 

Understand your customer better

Understanding your customer can help you create the most effective customer journey. You can do this by becoming more personal with them and getting to know their specific needs. 

Also, it means you have to understand how they behave, more than what they want. Most importantly, pay attention to what your customers don't want. 

This is one of the most crucial aspects of building a business, yet it is mostly ignored. Business owners eager to build a perfect journey for themselves rather than the customer often find themselves in this spot.

Creating better and actionable goals

Creating goals is part of growing your business, just as it is with personal improvement. However, many people create goals that cannot be achieved, or just because someone else is doing it.

A clear customer journey can help you come up with better goals. You will be taking a more scientific approach to the journey, which brings real things that will make your business work.

With a clear customer journey, you can always make changes to suit your business's current situation to build real-time benefits. You can use this to drive your decisions and goals going forward.

Make better plans for rolling out future products

 A business grows by expanding into more products. But it's not easy to know the perfect timing for introducing a new product.

This is why you need a clear depiction of how customers experience your business. It will give you a better focus on how, when, and where to market a new product/service.

Identifying pain points for your customers

If you don't want your business to come crashing, identify your customer pain points. This is one thing that has cost a lot of business.

You might not realize just how many pain points there may be for your customer unless you map their journey. You will then understand how severe they are and how to deal with them.

Become more innovative

Every business is built on innovativeness. This is the foundation of success. Since competition keeps growing across the market, you want to make sure that your business has something better to offer.

Innovation does not happen through an accident. It's something you need to work on. And for this, it's crucial to have a robust and thorough understanding of your customers' experience. It lets you understand what features you should bring on board to improve their experience.

It is all about keeping the customer happy and updated. They need to count on you for improved products. Otherwise, you will lose them to more aggressive competitors.

Bad Customer Service

How to build and effective customer Journey

Now that you know what the customer journey is and why you should have one, it's time we introduced you to build it. We live in a digital marketing world where Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, and similar online approaches have taken the lead.

The only way to survive is to learn the tricks that make these tools effective.

In creating a customer journey, the key is building a good marketing funnel as your foundation. This is where everything begins before you get targeted traffic to test it with.

Market funnel

A marketing funnel is necessary if you want your sales process to run efficiently. The process of converting a visitor or browser to a paying customer needs a clear outline.

Some business owners think a marketing funnel is too mechanical or simplistic and hence avoiding it when describing lead nurturing. But you will find that it still a very useful method as it creates a perfect visual, letting you imagine how your customers will react to the product offered.

A marketing funnel can be described as breaking down the customer journey from the first (awareness stage) to the last (purchase stage). Sometimes these funnels can include post-purchase follow-ups, which are important in customer retention.

The first step here is driving traffic to your site. Traffic is just the people who visit your site from different sources, including links.

Lead generation through educational content

How do you get people to visit your site? The first and most effective way to bring people on board is by offering them SEO-friendly content. Other things like publishing whitepapers and getting backlinks will drive even more traffic to your site. But they all begin with content.

As leads keep flowing through your funnels, your methods will become more and more personalized until the last stage.

Whether you are using video marketing or Facebook ads, it all comes down to the type of content you are giving them.

Many people assume that social media marketing should be all about selling the product. On the contrary, experts advise that using educational content attracts more traffic to your site than using sales content.

Consider a company that has ten salespeople and one software product. This is not a savvy marketer, and hence, his sales process involves giving his sales team lists of leads bought online. These people are called using company money, and many of them are not interested in the product, which leads to the closing of less than 1% of the prospects.

A similar-sized company does not follow this traditional outbound marketing. Instead, they have created a marketing funnel that only has three salespeople. This marketer started by creating attention-grabbing marketing and education content that is tied to landing pages on their site. Potential customers can engage with this content, learning more about the company, which ensures better conversion.

The aim of using education content is to teach, not to sell. Once you have achieved this, everything else falls into place with ease.

Using Facebook and Google Ads

Googles Ads and Facebook Ads are two social media marketing platforms that have become dominant today. They are both excellent places to advertise your business, and they are relatively cheap.

So, which one should you use, and at what time?

This depends entirely on your goals. If you are looking for sales, leads, and consultations, both platforms will do. If you are in for brand awareness or social presence, go for Facebook. Google Ads should be perfect for those seeking to sell their products directly (although Facebook will also get you there).


Every business starts somewhere, with the aim of developing into a bigger institution. But with so many things happening in the modern markets, some entrepreneurs give up along the way because of the overwhelming business needs.

Marketing the products in your local market should get you in the best position for success. And we are here to help you achieve this dream.

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