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The Importance of Having a Website with Regularly Updated Content

If you want to have a successful business today, you must have a website with regularly updated content. The reason is that this is how your audience will find you. Search engines love new content, and your audience will love new content. New content adds value to your website and blog for your audience as well as for the search engines.

The days of just having a website are long gone.  Websites need to be smart, they need to provide value and they need to keep your audience engaged.

I mean you’re competing with so much these days (especially in the social media world) that you can’t expect that people will just remember to come to your website when they need to buy from you.  You need to be constantly reminding them.

How do you constantly remind your audience you’re awesome?

with content…

Consistently releasing content out on your website in a scheduled and relevant fashion is the winning formula to not only gain new views, but it stroke the right string with the people at google, making your search rank go up.

What is Content Marketing?

When you utilize a content marketing strategy, you will have an automated way to generate leads.  You simply focus your energy on making the content and posting it, and then your CRM, social connectors will take over.  When people consume the content they will then see your lead magnets, opt in and begin to go through your marketing funnel.  Easy right?

Well slow down sparky!

You first need to get an understanding of how to plan your content.  You need a calendar, a document you can use to plan out what you will be posting each week/month/quarter.

That’s why we have made a great resource for you.


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