Instagram Ecommerce: 10 Powerful Strategies to Increase Engagement and Sales.

by Shaun Whynacht  - August 30, 2021

Instagram is a powerful platform for eCommerce business people as it offers plenty of opportunities for conversions and marketing. If the business people play the correct game, they will achieve massive success on the platform. In 2021, Instagram e-commerce is certainly a way to go. For that, you need to implement a strong Instagram marketing strategy that lets you measure online sales significantly. 

Instagram has advanced a lot since the time Facebook bought it in 2012. During that time, the image-sharing app had fifty million active users monthly, but now it has acquired over a billion active users monthly. I shall discuss a few essential marketing strategies to increase revenue and establish your business with these numbers.

Instagram Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

With a powerful marketing strategy, your business would reach a large number of audiences. The platform also helps you drive more leads and build a solid community to display your products. Let us look into ten powerful strategies to increase engagement and sales on Instagram.

1. Batch, Automate & Repeat

Customers on Instagram look for authenticity. They like it when the brands become a segment of their conversations at the time of buying. However, crafting content could be a daunting task every day. Follow a productivity hack to save time and make your marketing enormously efficient.

Batching means finishing the task in one sitting as much as possible rather than completing it in regular intervals. It increases productivity by discarding transition times. It also lets you stay focused on tasks. Employ a batch process to finish off your tasks on Instagram.

Creating Content

Make sure every content of yours is of high quality. The greater it is, the better engagement it will acquire from your intended audience. Think before sharing your content. Craft content using relevant hashtags to get automatic likes for Instagram that increase engagement rates and build visibility. Instagram recommends some picture resolutions to follow:

  • Square Picture - 1080*1080 pixels.

  • Vertical Picture - 1080*1350 pixels

  • Horizontal Picture - 1080*566 pixels

You can include captions of up to 2200 characters. Once the content is ready, head over to the next task, you may use it or not; it entirely relies on you. 

Scheduling Content

Instead of spending time logging into Instagram now and then, you could schedule your posts in advance using some tools. It ensures you are regularly loading your home feed with good quality content, keeping your potential audience hooked.

Engage with Audience

Sharing good quality content is not enough; you have to engage with your audience too. Suppose your eCommerce shop drives more sales, then implementing customer service could be a perfect idea.

2. Growth Hacking

Being an eCommerce business, you have to identify what performs the best for you. There are two significant hacks to build your following and brand visibility:

  • Cross-promote with the right influencers

  • Run giveaways and contests to win prizes

You could do this using the following types of posts,

  • Promotional Posts: It could be product posts or something relevant to your eCommerce business.

  • Conversational Posts: Posts inspiring followers to start a conversation. You could ask questions to your audience, run giveaways or contests.

  • Sharing Posts: Launch your content taking help from your bloggers, followers, and influencers.

3. Obey the Rule of the Thirds

Rule of Thirds is an effective strategy to post attractive pictures. Let us look into it,

Step 1: Think about the product picture with a 3*3 grid. It is two equally spaced horizontal and vertical lines that display in nine equal parts.

Step 2: Place your Product picture along the intersecting lines. 

Aligning your product in this manner looks more attractive than putting it at the center, and also it interests the audience to view it again and again. There is nothing like the pictures without the rule of thirds is not appealing. The rule is a guideline proved to be helpful, mainly while you are getting started. Nevertheless, you could always design attractive pictures without the Rule of Thirds.

4. Tagging Products

By tagging products, you provide a clear call to action. It eases the buying process for customers. The platform lets business accounts tag products in their profile, similar to tagging people. Tagging products on Instagram is the best marketing idea for businesses to reach out to more and more audiences. The method is pretty simple, and in no time, you could convert your Instagram profile into a sales funnel. Follow below steps to get started:

  • Create a shop category on your business Facebook page that links to your Instagram profile and includes your products in the list. Choose the option that lets customers check your eCommerce sites rather than Facebook pages. That way, the inventory management system will stay updated.

  • Hold on until you receive a notification on the Instagram profile to get started with tagging products.

  • While posting a picture, choose the "tag a product" option to view a list of products that you listed out on your Facebook page.

5. Hashtags Save Your Time

The use of hashtags on Instagram is very effective. Insert up to thirty hashtags on every post. It helps your content be visible to a larger audience and gain additional followers to your list. Perform related hashtags research to save your time daily; when done, set up and save the hashtags list you wanted to use.

For example, if you constantly share product pictures, quotes, or lifestyle pictures, create a list of niche hashtags and include them in every post during the posting time. Keep checking and updating your hashtags list as trending hashtags change periodically. Do not overdo hashtags, and make sure to use the relevant ones.

Concerning hashtags strategy, bear in mind the user experience. Reaching out to new customers needs patience and time, but it will pay off. Look for hashtags in your niche and get connected with customers who have the same interest as yours.

6. Drive sales with User-Generated Content & Contests

Selling products straight from the Instagram platform may work for you. However, it is essential to make your audience feel special. Concentrate on developing an engaging community with varied user-generated content. Craft an inspiring and artistic feed for your intended audience. Three types of content bring high engagement and trust on Instagram,

  • Behind-the-Scenes pictures - Sharing behind-the-scenes pictures makes the follower connected with your brand or business. 

  • User-Generated Content - Do you want to launch a down-to-earth, friendly, and humanized brand picture? Then share photos of customers displaying your products. These contents are the best as you could make them feel ecstatic by featuring them.

  • Hold contests and giveaways - Several users on Instagram follow brands just for the giveaways they provide. To increase your conversions, treat the customers the way they would prefer. Announce your giveaways by making use of attractive graphics and overlaying texts.

7. Engagement is the Key

Invest some time in commenting, liking, and following your intended audience. It will help you to build organically with excellent output over time. When you comment or like on others' posts, they tend to check your Instagram profile. Engage in a meaningful manner with your audience to gain significant attention. When you connect with your potential customers, they often reward you with likes and may even start following your profile.

8. Create an Effortless Buyer's Journey

By this time, you would be posting quality content and are acquiring noticeable engagement. But, one question to ask is, "Does your marketing effort provide a positive impact for your eCommerce business?."

Having a huge following and massive engagement denotes excellent brand visibility, but these are just vanity metrics. To attain strong growth, you need to smoothen the buyer's journey. Traffic that comes from Instagram is through mobile phones; that is why your landing pages need to be mobile responsive. You could leverage the app's location feature, a perfect way to drive eCommerce sales through Instagram.

Attractively displaying products will help trigger a high demand; however, make sure you don't want to sell products on Instagram hard. It could spoil your brand's integrity. Anyway, If you could get a bit creative, then there won't be any problem.

Apart from this, try third-party tools, as it converts all of your Instagram pictures into product pages on your website. You could easily track sales traffic with the links along with maintaining the brand's personality. Personalize your product pages, and utilize retargeting tools to put up product updates and re-engage customers.

9. Pay attention To Analytics

An effective marketing strategy for Instagram includes reviewing analytics thoroughly. The native analytics shows helpful information. You can check this information to boost your engagement rates. Below the audience tab, you would see the follower's busy times on Instagram. Plan your upcoming posts keeping in mind these times to get a greater engagement. Focus on pictures that acquire high likes; it tells you about your audience's interests. Hence, please make use of this information to post content of their interest and improve your engagement.

10. Use Instagram Stories

The Instagram stories have made it easier for users to engage with their audience. To become a famous brand and provide some behind-the-scenes clips, you must certainly regularly use Stories. It's a fun way to engage with your audience and humanize your brand. Most businesses are following this, and it is an excellent way to succeed in a highly competitive space.

Wrap Up

The beauty of the app is it does not require a considerable budget. You could drive more Instagram eCommerce sales quickly. Instagrammers love shopping, so use the marketing strategies mentioned above for your business right away. Do monitor your performance. In a month, you would have enough.

Author Bio

Amelia John is an Social Media Content Specialist at Sociaboost who creates curated content on all things related to Social media. She possesses sound knowledge to knit effective marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. Cooking is her favorite free time activity.

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