Keap: A Game-Changing Tool to Try to Grow Your Business

by Shaun Whynacht  - September 8, 2021

In today’s fast-paced digital era, transitioning away from the usual practice can be quite intimidating. Digital marketers are compelled to adapt to new trends and digital advancement in the industry. Businesses benefit from this development either way, so it’s not a bad thing entirely.

When it comes to sales and marketing automation of your business, you need to carefully select the company you will want to work it. Unfortunately, many companies may offer their services but don’t deliver optimum results.

To save you time and money, get to know a growth platform that will give you ideal outcomes for your business’ journey to automation and digital transformation.

Introducing Keap and its Services

Keap is a sales and marketing automation tool dedicated to helping growth-minded entrepreneurs grow in the industry without going through chaos. Instead, it focuses on collecting more leads and driving in higher revenue for small businesses.

If you’re hesitant to leap automation, don’t fret. Keap ensures that their services are tailored to their client’s wants and needs. It makes adjustments minimal and not too overwhelming. It is a tool that puts email marketing, appointment, and payment tools together.

Here are some of the ways how Keap can change your business for the better:

Offers one-on-one coaching and acquire more leads efficiently

Business owners know the value of time and so does Keap. Learning a new platform can be time-consuming. To make things easier, a Keap growth expert will provide coaching sessions to discuss using the platform and achieving your goals. It also automatically your customer’s information from your website or social media to your CRM. This tool is capable of identifying leads that are capable of buying then moving them to your marketing funnel after sending automated emails.

Customized email marketing

With Keap’s advanced automation, categorize your clients based on preferences, activity, or likeness to buy. From there, you will be able to send out customized emails to your customers and keep the authenticity of every interaction. In this way, you get to keep the image of your brand.


Detailed sales pipeline and payment management

Its easy-to-use drag and drop sales pipeline feature helps you stay organized and lets you observe your leads and close sales better. In addition, Keap automatically sends quotes, invoices, and payment reminders to your clients in terms of payments and invoices. By sending out thank you emails, loyalty offers or asking for referrals, the chances of gaining repeat customers or new ones are attainable.

Make Your Business Grow Today, Keap in Touch

It’s never too late to switch to better, automated processes for the sake of your business’s growth. Keap offers more services that will surely help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey. Interested in making that growth happen? Book a consultation and get started today.

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