Kickstart Your Youtube Channel With These Tools

by Shaun Whynacht  - May 18, 2022

There is no better time to start your Youtube channel than now.  Especially when you have a post that outlines some of the best tools to help you out along the way.

These tools are my recommendations of what you can use to either start or enhance your ability to succeed on Youtube.

Show Me The Tools!

BIGVU – Teleprompter System


Lights, camera…and uh, line? Let’s face it. Being on camera and narrating videos is tough. (“We’ll cut the ums and crying out in post.”)

Want to hit record with confidence like your favorite YouTube and TikTok creators?

Here’s the secret: reading from a teleprompter on your phone just makes your content hit different.

You don’t need some fancy setup to script, shoot, edit, and share good content.

All you need is BIGVU.

YouPost – video to article converter


Stop wasting time and money on content making!

YouPost is a simple yet useful tool to create content in seconds. Save money on creating content for your website or blog and do it by yourself, fast and for less.

YouPost converts YouTube videos into complete articles with text and pictures in one click. Literally.
You will receive SEO-friendly articles with pictures that are easy and fast to edit, save and publish.

It is so easy to start using YouPost – simply install a Chrome extension and press it on a video tab you need to be converted.

With YouPost you get:
– Fast video-to-article conversion
– Not only text but also pictures from the video
– SEO-friendly articles ready to be edited
– Several seconds spent on each video
– Pick languages

Ready to start saving thousands of dollars on content?
Get your lifetime access today!

SocialBook Builder


Going viral on YouTube isn’t as easy as it looks. (We know, we know… Justin Bieber did it at 13.)

In a perfect world, you’d just make a great video, upload it to your channel, and watch your view count soar.

But the truth is, there’s a lot of work that you’ve got to do on the backend to make sure people can find your video content in the sea of makeup tutorials and cat videos.

That’s where SocialBook Builder comes in.

Musicsesame – Stock Music Library


EXCLUSIVE Royalty Free Music for YouTube, Ads, Films, Documentaries, Podcasts, and more!

200 + tracks and growing.

Commercial license for our 200+ exclusive tracks.

Pay once & use all our stock music forever in multiple projects.

The Musicsesame library is not available on any other platform.

Get access today!



Constantly swapping social media links back and forth is the digital equivalent of playing the cup switch carnival game—except now everyone loses. (“Uh-oh! Which one’s the active link?”)

You’re wasting time updating links across all your bios and even forgetting certain platforms in the shuffle.

Now there’s an easy way to feature your best content in your social media bio, without having to manually update every profile each week.

Meet SleekBio.

YouTube Starter Kit

Youtube StarterKit

YouTube is an awesome opportunity to build an audience —you know that—but how do you get started with making your channel attractive and your videos worth clicking on?

The YouTube Starter Kit helps Creators by giving them over 100 digital downloads including Customizable Thumbnail Templates, and Channel Artwork, and provides you with 20 Title Formulas and 100 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Channel!

Making videos isn’t always the hardest part, making sure that a good video doesn’t have poor packaging is what holds most YouTubers back in the beginning.

The YouTube Starter Kit is here to help you reach the audience you deserve.




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Brand Voice AI Tool

Use our free tool to develop the opening prompt for ChatGPT so that all content you create will be using the consistent brand voice.

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