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Yep, there’s a campaign for that

Be as creative as you want with a system that’s built to adapt. With the Campaign Builder in Infusionsoft, you have the power to create entire follow-up marketing campaigns, triggered by a single action, profile, or contact. No marketing idea is too granular. How about customers with abandoned shopping carts? There’s a campaign for that.

If mapping out custom campaigns isn’t in your wheelhouse yet, or if you just don’t have the time, use one of our proven templates to get your next campaign up and running fast. With the Campaign Builder, you can also automate repetitive external processes—from new hire onboarding to purchase fulfillment. Once you have the power of automation in your business, you’ll see possibilities everywhere.

Send emails that your customers will want to read

Gone are the days of hoping your message applies. Use the contact information you’ve organized in Infusionsoft’s integrated CRM to personalize your emails and inspire your customers to take action. Send a single email for special promotions, or use autoresponders to send a series of seamlessly personalized emails to nurture the leads that aren’t quite ready to buy. With Infusionsoft, your customers will never feel like just a name in your database.

Build professional landing pages and web forms without a developer

Landing pages and web forms help you capture user data, like name and email address, so you can connect with the people who visit your website with marketing materials later. With Infusionsoft you can create professional, branded landing pages for different campaigns or promotions, modify them quickly without a developer, and test them against each other, all within your application.

Publish your page instantly with Infusionsoft’s free hosting, and then leverage SEO to increase your visibility online.

Use Infusionsoft to track website activity

The Infusionsoft tracking tools give you a holistic view of your sales and marketing results, so you can make smarter marketing decisions by seeing what’s happening on your website and landing pages.

Get a comprehensive picture with the most important data from all of your tools, including the number of customers you were able to generate from your latest online marketing effort. Track visitor activity from their first visit to latest purchase.

  • Automatically assign a lead source to each website visitor so you know where they originate
  • Capture and calculate an average time on page per visitor
  • Identify individual browsing trends using visitor system information
  • Track the number of contacts who have visited each web page

Infusionsoft automatically collects and analyzes data on every email you send—and so much more

Learn what’s working—and what’s not. Email statistics and broadcast reports tell you the number of emails that get delivered, opened, clicked, skipped, etc. Marketing reports will help you evaluate web form activity, landing page performance, reach, and campaign effectiveness.

You’ll see real-time campaign results, be able to make adjustments on the fly, and refine your marketing efforts to maximize your dollars spent.