You may have 99 problems, but this price ain’t one

May 4, 2017  

One of the biggest barrier to entry for many solopreneurs when it comes to using Infusionsoft for their business is price.  At the basic essentials package coming in at $199USD/Month. Many Canadian small business owner cringe.  Not that there isn’t value there and that it won’t help them grow sales, save time and get organized, it’s because as of right now it’s a concept to them.

Seriously, Atlantic Canada is behind when it comes to technology in business marketing.  It’s clear to see this when you travel west.

So when I’m working with a new prospect who is considering a CRM and marketing automation strategies, to tell them it’s at least $199/US/Month that have sticker shock.  Probably because one they convert to Canadian, it’s more like a million dollars.

Knowing this and also knowing that many solopreneurs don’t need massive amount of functionalty, Infusionsoft has release a starter package.  Currently only available from working with a certified partner (which I am one).  You can get your feet wet with a CRM that has all the functionality of the essentials package,

  • Comes with 1 user license
  • 500 contact limit
  • 2500/month email sending limit



OK pick yourself back up and hear me out.  The best part is you get your hands dirty with this, you see how powerful effective automated followup and lead nurture can be in your business and then when it’s time you upgrade.

Taking it a step further, I’m going to also offer my Small Business Success Method kickstart for these at a deep discount of $497 Canadian one time.  This will give you 4 hours of live one on one coaching with our team to walk you through planning out your marketing funnel.

Want to discuss how this could help your business?  Reach out to me either on the website chat or by email at


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