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Episode 5 – The Power Of Gratitude


Episode 5 - The Power Of Gratitude

In this episode, I spoke with Steve Foren, the Grateful CEO of Gratitude At Work. We are in a society of complacency at work, unhappiness in what we have and ungrateful actions. Steve has set out to teach the power of gratefulness and the impact it can have on the bottom line of companies through positive actions.

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One Billion Happier People:
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Steve’s Bio:

My dream is 1 billion happier people.

I began exploring the relationship between gratitude and philanthropic giving while completing my Masters at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then, I’ve been writing and conducting practice-based gratitude research and teaching the habits of gratefulness… close to fifteen years now. What has emerged is our science-based program, Gratitude At Work. It’s a simple, yet innovative approach to thriving leadership and business growth.

I founded Gratitude at Work in 2007 and started hosting conversations in my community which have since grown into work with leaders across Canada and into the United States, shifting cultures, helping leaders and their teams bring more gratitude to work each day.

Don’t blame me for being an electrical engineer. You’ll love the attention to detail and my thoughtful approach to all working relationships. I want to see people spend more time thriving and less time surviving so in early 2019 published my first book, Surviving to Thriving – The 10 Laws of Grateful Leadership, which is 1 of 8 recommended reads for summer 2019 by Greater Good Science Center at University of California Berkeley. Also in 2019, I won Canada’s CEO Trusted Advisor Awards Program for businesses $5M-$50M.

I’m a son, brother, husband, father and newly minted grandfather. My kids poke fun at my gratitude work (air quotes) and my nationally recognized video blog. In 2017, I was awarded the highest earned designation in professional speaking (CSP). I recently created STATUSGRO to give everyone easy on-line access to the secrets of gratitude and thriving leadership. I’m a lifelong resident of Halifax and doing my part to make my community a better place to live.


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