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Episode 7 – Bringing Back Photographic Relevance


Episode 7 - Bringing Back Photographic Relevance

I’m originally from Yorkshire in England and moved to Nova Scotia in 2007 with my husband, instantly falling in love with the place. We have two beautiful daughters and two crazy dogs (Charlie and Blue).

I’m fortunate to have had various careers in my life starting when I was 19 when I became a fashion model. Having strutted my stuff on the runways in London and Paris and posed for numerous photographers, I think I can say with great certainty that I’ve learned a lot about posture and how to pose in front of the camera. Knowing my career as a model wouldn’t last forever, in my late 20’s I decided it was time to use my brain instead of my looks. With my love of architecture and design, I secured a role as an account manager with an advertising agency in London for 3 years and then as an office manager for both a design agency and for a firm of Architects back in Yorkshire. Here in Nova Scotia, I have worked in both the insurance and banking industry, which helped to hone my customer service skills.

Bison Burger from Paddy’s Pub – Bridget Havercroft Photography

I’ve always had a passion for photography and took the leap to become a professional photographer back in 2009 starting with pet photography. This helped to satisfy my love for animals before we had two crazy dogs of our own. I’m completely self-taught and have learned by making many mistakes, which enabled me to craft my talent and I have a keen ‘eye’. Luckily for me, I’m based in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, where we have an abundance of wineries & breweries and some amazing landscapes for family portraits, or bespoke artwork for the home. I also travel wherever the work takes me – anywhere from Yarmouth to the South Shore, most recently PEI!

Find Bridget at https://bridgethavercroftphotography.com/

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