June 4

Episode 8 – The World Needs Change…Now!


As a Canadian, a citizen, a business owner and as a father; the current events happening in the world bring with it a lot of head shaking moments, times of disbelief and also opportunity for change.

I did this episode as a way to express what I was feeling about everything that we have been experiencing.  These are solely my opinions and do not reflect that of any of our clients.

This episode is dedicated to all those who have had the unfortunate experience of being treated differently just because of the color of their skin, just because of where they came from.

No one has the right to evoke a pre-determined opinion or classification of someone whom which they don't know or they haven't had the opportunity to meet.

We are all in this together, we all need to come out of it together.

About the author 

Shaun Whynacht

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