Podcasting Unpacked: Inside Tips with Jeremy Slate

by Shaun Whynacht  - June 3, 2024

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of podcasting with Jeremy, the founder of Command Your Brand. Jeremy shares his fascinating journey from studying the Roman Empire to becoming a podcasting expert. We explore the evolution of the podcasting landscape, essential strategies for new podcasters, and the best practices for promoting your show effectively. Whether you’re looking to start a podcast or improve your current one, Jeremy’s insights are invaluable.

Key Topics Discussed:

Jeremy’s Background:

• Transition from teaching to podcasting.

• Founding Command Your Brand in 2016.

• Early success in podcasting and the growth of the industry.

Starting a Podcast Today:

• Importance of niching down.

• The necessity of a long-term commitment.

• Adapting to changes in the podcasting ecosystem.

Podcast Formats and Business Integration:

• Different formats and their benefits.

• Aligning your podcast with your business model.

• Creating content that provides value to listeners.

Ideal Podcast Length:

• Factors influencing podcast length.

• Adapting to listener preferences and habits.

• Using surveys to determine optimal episode duration.

YouTube and Podcasting:

• Leveraging YouTube for podcast discoverability.

• Setting up and optimizing video podcasts on YouTube.

• The benefits of live streaming episodes.

Essential Equipment and Setup:

• Jeremy’s recommended gear and setup.

• Importance of audio quality and background noise reduction.

• Lighting tips for video podcasts.

Being a Great Podcast Guest:

• Finding the right niche shows.

• Crafting your message for maximum impact.

• Effective outreach strategies for securing guest spots.

Promoting Your Podcast:

• Effective video optimization techniques.

• Utilizing tools like Taja.ai, VidIQ, and Video.ai.

• Strategies for promoting episodes across social platforms.

Command Your Brand Services:

• How Command Your Brand helps clients get on shows and produce podcasts.

• The ideal client profile for their services.

Special Offer:

Visit CommandYourEmpire.com to access a free resource packed with PR tips, podcasting insights, and tools to help you boost your company’s visibility and success. This comprehensive guide is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to dive into podcasting or enhance their current efforts.

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Shaun Whynacht

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