By Shaun Whynacht - May 19, 2016

Marketing Automation

I’m going to start by saying that this post may seem a bit bias, but it’s because I have been using a system that is proven to work really well for Small Business.  You’re free to use any system you can find, I’m going to give examples of the system I use and many of my clients use because it’s what I’m the most familiar with.  It’s called Infusionsoft (as I mentioned in the previous chapters).

Commonly when I tell people about Infusionsoft and that it can revolutionize the way you do business they immediately ask me, “What does it do?”  I think the easiest thing to do it is to tell you what it is not.  Infusionsoft is not a get rich quick system.  It’s not something you pay for and sit back on your deck drinking beer expecting your business to roll in a million dollars over night.  I’ll be quite frank, it’s going to involve you doing some work.  Yes work.  You may even have to learn something new as much of a pain that can be from time to time. Stop being lazy.

Infusionsoft is an all in one sales and marketing automation system that is to be used with an effective marketing strategy.  Firstly it’s a CRM.  CRM standing for Customer Relationship Manager.  If you’re a business that has customers, then you should be using a CRM.  It’s a place to store your “List” to be short. It is a central place where you keep all your contact details, information about them and the sale as well as any other important information you may need.  No excel is not where you should be keeping this.  What happens when the document gets lost, corrupt or deleted.   Also what if others in your organization need access to client information when you’re computer is not around or you are travelling?  A cloud based CRM is a must for any business.

Further to storing your client information it’s also the place you store those prospects.  When they opt into you list by either giving their email address for a newsletter or opting to have you send them a free report, video series or register for your webinar.  This is where you put the proof in the pudding.  It’s where you’re able to build a delivery sequence to automatically deliver on these promises.  This is the email marketing side.

Infusionsoft will take care of all your email marketing and email communication needs both on a per customer or group mailing basis.  Need to send automated faxes, it can do that also.  What about document creation from a mass list, yup.  No more word mail merges.  Create a word document pulling information right from contact records within your application.

Do you sell online, want to sell online or have the need for your customers to place orders with order forms?  The e-commerce feature of the software will take care of all your requirements in this area.  This allows you to receive payment for good and services 24/7 and start the process of order fulfillment right when the payment is received.

Everything I mentioned above is what it does, it’s the functionality of it.  What I want you to focus on is why would you need something like this.  Let’s look at that right now.

Think about how many people come to your website in a given day/week/month?  If it’s a low number that ok, but of those people, how many of them are you converting into customers?  If you’re like most small business owner you have little to no idea because you don’t have a compelling lead magnet on your site.  Some people have come out and told me that yes I made an ebook and put the link to the PDF on the website.  Great…however there is one problem with that.  When they show interest in it and they click on that link to download, you are putting all the faith and trust that they would read it and then call you to use your services.  Part two of creating a lead magnet is to build a funnel.

If you’re uncertain of what I mean by a funnel, think of a funnel you would find in your kitchen. It has a wide mouth at the top and then gets narrow and narrow, moving the item you put in the top into a condensed, directional flow.  Think of these prospects that come to your website and opt into your lead magnet as going into the top of this funnel.  They give you their email, you automatically send them the ebook, you then automatically follow up a day later to see if they received the email.  Following that you are nurturing this lead by delivering complmentary content that adds to that of the ebook.  Providing more value and doing several things.  Providing authority, trust and reciprocity.  These are powerful mental triggers that we all have.

Authority is where you are educating on a topic, you are showing the prospect that you have studied, done your homework and know about the topic in which you are speaking.  It’s this authority that lets those not versed in that topic to stop and listen to you.

Trust is even more powerful in this scenario because we believe those who we trust.  If you trusted your best friend and he/she told you something that was a bit different, you would believe them more than if a total stranger told you the same thing because you trust them.

Lastly is my favourite and when I learned about it a light bulb went off in my head. Not only did I see how it worked but I realized I’ve purchased online because of reciprocity.  Reciprocity is when you give someone something of value and they feel they have to give you something back.  Think of the last time you gave someone a gift and they said, “wow thank you, but I feel bad because I don’t have anything for you”.  This is an imbalance in scale.  When you give & givegreat content during this nurturing phase, your prospects will feel they owe you something.  So when you do make the pitch for your product, service or offer they will be more likely to say yes.

The value of the offer you’re pitching is directly proportional to the amount of value you are giving in that initial phase.

For example if you gave someone a 6 page e-report that you wrote while waiting for The Walking Dead season finale to come on tv and you then pitch them a $3000 product, chances are you’re not going to get many conversions.  You need to keep moving people through your business, defining your pipeline.

Lifecycle Marketing

Think of it like this:  FREE E-Book —> $9.99 Product or Training Video Series  —> $67 Seminar —> $997 One on One Coaching Session —> $10,000 Yearly Mastermind Group

For each of these items you’re needing to build a funnel.  You can bring people into those funnels at any point, but to be most effective you should bring them in to the no cost level with the FREE E-book and graduate them through your product line.

To see the benefits Infusionsoft has to others business owners including some really compelling case studies from entrepreneurs just like you, please check out

Shaun Whynacht

Shaun, our Founder and CEO has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. He knows firsthand how much love and determination gets poured into running a business after spending more than 10 years touring all over Canada learning from different industries. Not only is Shaun passionate about marketing he also developed some very unique abilities to stay current with changing technology in this ever-progressive world

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