Quick Guide To Going Live with Facebook Desktop

March 23, 2017  

This is the time most marketers have been waiting for.  The ability to natively go live on Facebook from their desktop computers without the use of any outside software.

Allow me to say, “Thank You Facebook”

This is a total game changer for you and your business.  We are attracted to live video because of human nature, we want to see something as it’s happening.  Live is raw, it’s unedited and it’s a great opportunity for you to connect with your clients and prospects.

I’ve put together this essential guide to help you prepare yourself for going live.

Why would you go LIVE on Facebook?

If you have a business, you have a reason for going live.  You can talk about your products of services, you can develop stronger customer relationships by having live Q&A sessions.  You can host your own weekly/monthly show and show people that you’re actually human.  If you receive new products or shipments frequently to your business, how about doing a LIVE unboxing event where your customers can watch you unbox the new line of products.   How about you get asked many questions each week about your business, products or services.  Collect them up and do a monthly FAQ live video where you answer them live to everyone.

What do you need to go LIVE on Facebook?

You don’t need much.

  1. Obviously having a Facebook account is key
  2. You will need to have a camera for your computer.
  3. You will need to have a microphone (either built-in or usb is preferred for better quality audio)

That’s it

What should you consider before going LIVE on Facebook?

A few things to consider before going live is of course what it is you are going to be talking about.  Starting the video is usually an easy part, the hardest part for most people is to find a way to end the broadcast without seeming awkward.  Think about your closing, even script it.  A good suggestion is to ask people to share the post if they found it helpful.  Also,don’t forget to thank them.

Next, where are you going to go live is key.  Try to avoid places with excessive noise as it will make it harder for your viewers to hear you and focus on the message.  Also, avoid busy background with a lot of movement.  The video is needing to be uploaded from your internet connection to the internet.  The more movement you have in the background the more data that needs to be sent each second. If there is more data to be sent than you have the connection speed for it will be choppy, and a poor experience for the viewer.

Lastly, think about how you can engage those watching. You will see as your broadcasting how many people are online with you, remember they can ask questions in the comments which you will see immediately and be able to answer.

How do I go LIVE on Facebook?

Facebook has made it real easy.  If you’ve broadcasting live from your personal profile look for the LIVE VIDEO button

Live Post

If you’re looking to go live from your business page you won’t initially see the button until you click the see more

Then the live button will appear

Click this and give your LIVE video a title

Click Next, check your camera and audio and then click GO LIVE. It will count down 3,2,1 and you’re then live!


More information about Facebook Live from the people at Facebook

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