The Secret Sauce To Understanding Your Clients Triggers

March 16, 2017  

Have you ever posted something on social media expecting that it would give an amazing response and then nothing…literally crickets.

Well there are many reasons why this might be happening, it doesn’t mean that your social audience doesn’t love you. You’re awesome, who wouldn’t love you. It is probably due to the fact that the messaging

It is probably due to the fact that the messaging your posting is not hitting the right step in their customer journey.

What I mean by this is there are really 5 stages that customers are in when learning about your product or service.  We best describe this by the Acronym UPSYD (pronounced Upside)

Upsyd Graphic

Unaware Of A Problem

When someone is Unaware of a problem, this is usually when they are in discovery.  They don’t know that a problem even exists, they are finding out more about this through blog posts or news articles they are reading online, this is best suited for editorial type blog posting about certain problems and issues that are occurring in the world.

Unaware They Have The Problem

This one means that you need to educate more about how people can identify if they problem is part of their life.  Sometimes certain things in this world are not blatantly obvious so we have to educate our prospects about what causes it and how do you know if it’s impacting you.

Unaware There Is A Solution

Next we talk in our posts about solutions to the problem we mentioned.  This educates on the fact that if they have the problem there is an actual solution to fix this problem.

Unaware You Have The Solution

Now we are switching the focus to you, mentioning how you have either developed a solution or provide a solution out there. If it’s something that they can get from your competitors you speak to your value add and why they should use you instead of someone else.

Unaware If The Solution Deal

This is where you go for the close, pitch to offer, make the deal and in the end gain a customer.

You see just like a real flight of stairs if you try to go from step 1 to 5 in one leap it’s not easy and sometimes uncomfortable, awkward and non ideal.  The same goes here.  Any of the articles you write or ads campaigns you do need to follow this flow so it’s a natural progression for someone to move through these steps.  When you get there and the offer pitch will go much easier.

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