Shaun Whynacht, Head Marketing Strategist

Meet Shaun Whynacht, a man who breathes small business like air. He was practically born with a 'For Sale' sign in one hand and a business plan in the other. As a kid, he was his granddad's sidekick in a thriving TV repair business, and a trusty helper in his grandma's cake shop remodel, all while his mom was crafting wonders at home. By high school, Shaun was already flexing his entrepreneurial muscles.

After a scenic journey through college, studying TV production, and over a decade of crisscrossing Canada, working with everyone from non-profits to corporate giants, Shaun gathered a treasure trove of business wisdom. But, the call of small business, the siren song of flexibility, and the chance to take his son to school each day proved irresistible.

Inspired by his lineage of business mavens, and hungry for a fulfilling work-life blend, Shaun traded his suit and tie for the entrepreneurial life and founded Blue Cow Marketing. Since then, he's been at the helm, steering the ship towards success.

With his feet firmly on the ground and eyes on the horizon, Shaun's a self-confessed learning junkie. He devours the latest trends in tech, marketing, and design like a kid in a candy store, all so he can whip up some magic for your business. The results? As unexpectedly brilliant as a blue cow!

Don't expect any hard sell or get-rich-quick gimmicks from Shaun. Instead, he'll equip you with shiny marketing tools, whip-smart strategies, and time-saving automation to keep your eyes on the prize. And just so you know, he prefers his collared shirt and shorts, perfect for showcasing his marketing ninja moves and flexing that business muscle!

Shaun Whynacht

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