So You Want To Start Podcasting in Nova Scotia Eh…

by Shaun Whynacht  - December 4, 2019

So You Want To Start Podcasting in Nova Scotia Eh…

Podcasting in Nova Scotia…what an absolutely fantastic idea.

I mean there are so many great stories to be told, outstanding teachings to be had and phenomenal advice to be had (not to mention the slew of interesting characters we have here).

Podcasting is not a new concept, not is it one that is dying.

When do I start?

But how do you know if you have what it takes to be a podcaster, to own your own podcast and be comfortable doing it.

Here is a secret…if you wait until you are absolutely ready and completely comfortable…it will never happen.

What do I need?

Seriously, you don’t need anything other than your voice and an ability to record it to get started. Both of those things you have with you anytime you have your phone.

I’ve seen clients begin their podcast using the voice memo app on their iphone.

Now if you are serious about building something that will go the distance, be a true value add for your listeners and give you the freedom and self-gratification that you are looking for, then it will take a bit more planning and preparation.

Here is a Complete Beginners Guide to Podcasting (courtesy of our friends over at

Below is one of our podcasts that we produce.

Content Amplification Podcast

We have been producing podcasts for clients across Canada and even here in Nova Scotia for several years now we are here in Nova Scotia to answer any questions you have about

  • Starting a podcast.
  • Recording a podcast
  • Editing a podcast
  • Promoting a podcast
  • Anything else podcast-related.

We believe every business and organization can benefit from this medium and we are also offering podcast recording services.

We recorded a webinar called “I Got 99 Problems But My Podcast Ain’t One” – You can view the recording here.

Want to discuss your podcast in Nova Scotia? Call us at 902-300-3030, email or message

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Shaun Whynacht

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