The Day My Video Went Viral

by Shaun Whynacht  - November 22, 2015

You hear about it all the time. A video goes viral. However what does that really mean?

Well it happened to me the this week. Let me tell you about it.

I’ll rewind a bit and go back to the past weekend. My family and I took a trip to Port Hood Island, Nova Scotia to visit my father. While I was there I took aerial footage with my drone. Being my first time to the island I wanted to capture it’s beauty for the memories. Believe me when I say it was stunning.

Upon my return I took the clips and pieced them together with some music and posted on my company Facebook page.

4 Days later the video has been viewed over 17,000 times and the post has been seen over 50,000 times. While it’s not a video to make me rich, it did indeed boost my Facebook likes on my company page and brought brand awareness to what we are doing.

In case you haven’t seen the video, here it is.

Discover The Beauty Of Port Hood Island, NSDiscover the beauty of Port Hood Island. This was a personal collection of footage I took this past weekend while on vacation. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by Blue Cow Creative on Monday, August 10, 2015


As a small business you start to wonder about the power of online promotions and online publicity. Video is still very powerful and while you hear a lot about things going viral, you can not in anyway “create” a viral video or predict when one will go that route. You have to keep plucking away at creating things and eventually something will hit the right stream and be swept into the mainstream.

Here are my 3 tips on creating engaging video

  1. Keep it simple and clean – those watching the video need to “get it” withing seconds of watching it. Don’t use lots of heavy graphics and text, try to let the video speak for itself.
  2. Show a different perspective – Try to use angles and experiences on camera that most people are not use to seeing. This will keep them engaged.
  3. Spark emotion or humour – I feel emotions and humour are the two main triggers to get people to watch and share a video. The video above sparks two emotional triggers I would say (pride and passion). Majority of the the comments left on the video are from people who love Cape Breton, are living there or have moved away and miss home.

Hope that helps. If you’d like to have your next video produced by Blue Cow Creative, let’s talk.

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Shaun Whynacht

Shaun, our Founder and CEO has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. He knows firsthand how much love and determination gets poured into running a business after spending more than 10 years touring all over Canada learning from different industries. Not only is Shaun passionate about marketing he also developed some very unique abilities to stay current with changing technology in this ever-progressive world

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