Tiktok Creator vs TikTok Business Account: Which Do I Choose

Tiktok Creator vs TikTok Business Account

You have a TikTok account to promote your business and you’re wondering, do I keep it as the default “creator” account or do I switch it to the business account.

The decision is not as simple as you think as there are pros and cons to both.

We recently ran into this with one of our clients and went down the process of researching both sides to the story.

So to save you that pain and agony, here it is.

Creator Account:


  • Access to the full music library
  • Ability to duet and stitch other creators videos 
  • Access to Creator Programs such as Fund (allows you to monetize your TikTok content through TikTok), Creator Next (allows you to receive tips from your audience.) It also includes opportunities for brand collaborations on the Creator Marketplace.
  • Allows use of Promote which pushes videos out to a wider audience. 


  • Messaging, you can only DM your friends, and non-friends can’t send you a message so you can’t connect or answer questions via DMs
  • Have to acquire 1K followers before allowing a website in your bio. 
  • Does not allow scheduling content


Business Account:


  • If you register your business with Tiktok you can put a website in your bio immediately. Allows you to drive traffic. 
  • Messaging capabilities. Allows you to DM and message with anyone. You can set up automated responses for new DMs. 
  • Also has access to Promote features. 
  • Social Commerce is on its way to Tiktok (is currently available by Shopify) but will roll out other Shopping Features this year. 
  • Able to schedule content from the website. 


  • Does not have access to the full music library (no copyright music). Only access to sounds created by Tiktok. 
  • Due to the limited music library, you are also limited on duet/stitch capabilities. Still possible just only on ones that use music/sound from Tiktok directly. 
  • Does not have access to Creator Programs and monetization tools. 


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