Top Tips to Digitize Startups and SMB with Branding

by Shaun Whynacht  - May 25, 2022

When it comes to creating a great first impression, you only have a few seconds to utilize. Since the attention span of the average consumer is getting shorter, it’s important to hook them in from the beginning. With an appealing visual brand identity design and a strong digital presence, you can make a good impression on the target audience. It can also help you build a recognizable brand and create awareness about your products or services.  

Today, there are many ways to digitize a small business and reach out to consumers without investing a huge amount of money in marketing and branding. This is where impressive design comes in. You can easily create a branding strategy with an interactive website and a memorable logo. Here are some ways that you can digitize your small business through brand designs. 

Focus On Responsive Web Design 

This is one of the first steps to establishing a digital presence. In this day and age, the competition is getting quite tough which means that you have to stand out among similar businesses to attract the attention of the consumer. According to a survey, it takes people 0.05 seconds to form an opinion or judgment about the website from its design. So you need to focus on creating a responsive and easy-to-navigate page that tells people what you have to offer immediately. 

It’s also an important element of your brand identity and creates recognition with the logo design, brand colors, typography and imagery. The website should feature the symbol on the top left or in any other prominent place where it can be clearly visible. All elements on the page should reflect the brand in the best way possible. 

Responsive web design also allows you to reach out to mobile users and connect with a different demographic of consumers easily. This can make it easier to create brand recognition and familiarity in a short time. If you are looking to create a scalable icon for your website, you can consider a free logo generator software for business which allows you to download the files instantly. 

Leverage Social Media Networks 

It is quickly becoming a popular way to market products or services and boost visibility. Many people search for brands on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and now even TikTok. You can leverage these networks to maintain consistency in branding and digitize your small business easily. Find where your target audience is located and post videos, infographics or images to attract a large following. 

Your social media account can also represent the brand by establishing a tone of voice and highlighting the core values. To create a positive perception in the minds of the audience, you can include the brand colors in the posts or focus on logo design and product packaging as well. 

For marketing on Instagram, you can follow a format for the grid and draw attention to elements of your visual brand design. Away is one example of a small business or brand that has managed to catch the eye of its audience with its engaging posts that tell people what it has to offer. They have created a strong presence on Instagram by focusing on their products, travel locations and attractive imagery. 

Create Relevant Video Content 

According to a report, around 87 percent of marketers have said that video content can result in a positive return on investment. Today, there are many people who are more interested in watching videos than going through chunks of text. It’s why you should include such content in your branding strategy. This allows you to reach a wider audience and digitize your small business with brand design effectively. 

In explainer videos, tutorials or short ones, you can draw attention to the logo design or watermark by placing it in the top or bottom right. It’s also easier to highlight packaging and include brand color in a video as you can create a setting or background that includes such design elements. At the end, you need to make sure that you post relevant content on the website and social media accounts. 

You may find it easier to catch the eye of the consumer with short videos on Instagram and 360 degree photography on Facebook. It allows them to get a closer look at the product or an insight into the services provided. For the website, you could incorporate an explainer or an FAQ with an expert. 

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Add a Blog 

Having a website is important but what can really help you establish a strong digital presence is an updated blog. Be it an e-commerce platform or a business page, you should add one or create a separate platform to post articles or feature guest posts. This can make it easier to send the right message to the consumer and create awareness as well. 

You can share the blog on social media and promote it on the Youtube channel too. It can actually become a part of your brand identity and attract a wider consumer base in the long run. An updated blog also makes it easier for people to get more information about the business and its products or services. So make sure that you curate the posts carefully and include attractive visuals that represent the brand. 

Final Thoughts 

These are a few ways that you can digitize small businesses with brand designs. If you are about to launch one, you can try out a few mentioned above to create an effective strategy and boost recognition among the target consumer as well. 

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