What is Keap? Everything Small Businesses Need to Know

by Shaun Whynacht  - June 25, 2023

Keap, which some may recognize from its former moniker, Infusionsoft, is a comprehensive marketing and sales automation software primarily designed for small businesses. With a wide array of features including customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, and automation tools, Keap helps to centralize and streamline your business's customer interactions and transactions.

So, what is Keap and how does it stand out from the crowd? One of Keap's major strengths lies in its advanced automation capabilities. These can save your business significant time and improve efficiency by automating tasks such as appointment scheduling and personalized email campaigns. The system is easy to navigate, thanks to its user-friendly interface, and comes pre-equipped with sales pipeline templates and a dedicated customer success manager.

In addition to these core features, Keap offers advanced automation options, lead scoring, e-commerce payment processing, and a multitude of integrations. It provides exceptional customer service with U.S.-based phone support and 24/7 chat support, not to mention a robust library of self-help resources such as webinars and instructional articles.

One particularly compelling aspect of Keap is its ability to deliver a consistent cross-channel customer experience by providing the right content at the right time. This ability to facilitate personalized communication through easy-to-set-up automation tools and email management is a significant advantage.

When it comes to the "what is Keap" question, it's also essential to mention the platform's ability to provide valuable insights. With its intuitive dashboards, users can visualize conversions, data, and traffic, enabling them to monitor engagement and measure marketing performance effectively.

Keap offers three pricing plans: Keap Pro, Keap Max, and Max Classic, each equipped with different features and pricing tiers based on the number of contacts. While the pricing structure can increase costs as your contact list grows, and certain integrations require additional subscription fees, Keap's comprehensive feature set and exceptional customer support make it an ideal solution for small businesses.

Keap Pro - $199/month

1500 contacts and 2 users (Additional users are $29 each)

  • Email marketing
  • Sales & marketing automation
  • Dedicated phone line (US & Canada)*
  • Automated lead capture & follow-up
  • Lead & client management (CRM)
  • Appointments
  • Sales pipeline & analysis
  • Quotes, invoices & payments
  • Landing pages & online sales
  • Text marketing*
Keap Max - $289/month

2500 contacts and 3 users (Additional users are $29 each)

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead Source attribution
  • Multi-page Landing pages
  • Upsells and discounts
  • Promo codes
  • Marketing analytics
  • Advanced reportingText marketing

However, it's worth noting that while Keap is known for its integrated CRM features and ease of use, it might not be the perfect fit for businesses that are solely focused on email marketing. It also lacks deep data mining features compared to other tools in the market.

When we ask "What is Keap?", the answer is a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform designed to simplify and optimize small businesses' sales and marketing processes. By providing advanced automation, personalization, analytics, and excellent customer support, Keap helps businesses deliver a superior customer experience.

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