What You Need To Do Before Flying Your Drone In Canada

October 9, 2015  

It’s no surprise that the marketplace for drones has increased in Canada.  More and more Canadians are buying these quadcopters to add to their arsenal of equipment.  However there is a big bank of fog clouding our vision on what we have to do when flying our drones.

I’ve done a lot of research and have compiled the essentials you need to know.  First are you flying for recreation or commercial use?

Recreational Use (according to Transport Canada)

If your aircraft weighs less than 35 kg and is used for recreational purposes, you don’t need permission to fly, but please read and follow their safety guidelines.


Commercial Use

To fly your unmanned aircraft for work or research, you may need to follow strict safety conditions outlined in an exemption or apply for permission from Transport Canada. It depends on the type of aircraft, its weight, as well as how and where you plan to use it.

If your aircraft weighs 25 kg or more, you need to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate before you can use it.

Unmanned aircraft that weigh less than 25 kg may qualify for an exemption to the rules, which will allow you to fly without permission.

If your aircraft:

  • Weighs 2 kg or less and you can meet the safety conditions in the Transport Canada exemption for UAVs that weigh 2 kg or less, you don’t need permission to fly.
  • Weighs between 2.1 kg and 25 kg and you can meet the safety conditions in the Transport Canada exemption for UAVs that weigh between 2.1 kg and 25 kg, you don’t need permission to fly. However, you must notify Transport Canada by completing the following submission form.

Download This Guide (PDF)



We love flying drones and as more and more people purchase them, the airspace will become crowded.  Be smart, learn how to use yours, take them to an open field and master the basics.  As with anything it will be those who abuse the freedom we have to fly now will ruin it for us in the future.

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