Why a professional headshot is your most valuable marketing asset

by Shaun Whynacht  - September 16, 2015

We are in a world of extreme short attention spans and quick first impressions.  In most instances your prospects are going to see a photo of you before they even meet you or decide to work with you.  So why is it that many entrepreneurs settle for impromptu selfies and family photo crops for their professional online profiles?

I think there could be many reasons, some of which stem from

  • Laziness
  • Without the means – unable to obtain a professional photo
  • Self consciousness

Whatever the reason is, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and take the plunge (that is unless you’re batman and no one will ever see your real face).

Here are my reasons why a professional headshot is important

  1. You Need The Advice – Working with a professional photographer will be an experience you will not be able to gain from doing it yourself or getting your cousin to snap the photo when he’s home from school.  A photographer is looking at you to make you look the best you can look.  They will guide you on how to stand, how to tilt your head, where to look.  While getting it done it may feel awkward, but the end product will be worth it.
  2. Consistency – Your face in most cases is the most recognizable piece of your brand.  You may have a logo, but those who meet you and see you will remember a face more so than a logo.  That being said the more your same face is appearing in various locations, the better it is to build consistency.
  3. You’re Professional – No matter what is that you do, I’m sure you consider yourself a professional.  You want to be perceived as a professional to those who work with you and hear about you. A professional headshot is about more than just hiring a professional, it’s about the perception you want people to have of you.  That is why the photographer you work with should be asking you questions like,
    1. What is the feel you’re going for in the photo (serious, fun, light, etc)?
    2. Where do you plan to use these photos?
    3. Do you need black and white versions too?

My experience this month that lead me to this post was that of seeing an online social media post from a local photographer here in our Annapolis Valley.  Sarah Simpson is the owner of Sarah Simpson Photography (Click for Facebook).  She was running a promo in the month of September for business portraits.  So I thought I’d take her up on the offer.  Her professionalism and knowledge of poses made the session really easy to do.  I’d highly recommend contacting her if you’re in the Annapolis Valley area for your professional headshots.

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Shaun Whynacht

Shaun, our Founder and CEO has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. He knows firsthand how much love and determination gets poured into running a business after spending more than 10 years touring all over Canada learning from different industries. Not only is Shaun passionate about marketing he also developed some very unique abilities to stay current with changing technology in this ever-progressive world

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