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Wifi Marketing

Get superpowers that supercharge your business.

Zenreach is a game-changer for brick and mortar businesses. You’ll get the tools you need to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively. And you’ll also get results you can see for yourself. You’ll then see why we’re the most trusted, most loved marketing solution for offline businesses.

As low as $249 CAD/Month

One Time Setup & Hardware Fee of $497

faster customer data collection

Time to ditch the fishbowl - with Zenreach, businesses collect customer contact info 5x faster than traditional methods.

65% faster 
business growth

Customers who sign on to Zenreach WiFi visit 65% more than those who don’t. That’s loyalty you can see.

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The right message at the right time.

With our automated campaign tools, your marketing is personalized to each individual customer down to their behavior, demographics, and more.

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The days of sending out blind email blasts are over.

With Zenreach’s Smart Messages, you can build a real connection with your customers, sending the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Haven’t seen Karen in a while? You can create a custom Smart Messages campaign to entice her back.

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Maintaining a good reputation is important, but it also used to be hard work.

Zenreach gives you the power to manage your reputation in real-time, letting you point happy customers to some of the most popular review sites while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.

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As low as $249 CAD/Month

One Time Setup & Hardware Fee of $497

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If you don't have a system and strategy in place, you're letting money walk out the door of your business each and every day.

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